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1988 Formula 1 Tribute simulator By Classic Race Simulators

1988 Formula 1 Tribute simulator By Classic Race Simulators
1988 McLaren Formula 1 Tribute simulator By Classic Race Simulators

Classic Race Simulators are based in Surrey in the South East of England. The simulators they produce are hand-built and are full-size, fiberglass body tubs, modeled after the iconic racing cars from the past. While they are actually cockpits for driving simulators, some clients defined them as the ultimate in Retro Automotive Art.

Besides the Lotus 18 cockpit model that started it all, Classic Race Simulators also provide cockpit replicas of the Lotus 49, GOLD LEAF Lotus, Honda RA300, Ferrari 312, and Eagle Mk1 racers. For the classic sports prototype fans, CRS has also created a 1975 Chevron B31 replica cockpit.

A few years ago, the Classic Race Simulators team was approached by a client who initially wanted a cockpit-only late 1980s tribute simulator in red and white. When he saw the Full-size 1960s simulators he requested them to build the whole car.

This request resulted in a number of full-size tribute replica builds of the very famous 1988 McLaren MP4 Formula 1 car.

You can hire or purchase these amazing replica racing car cockpits for your event, or for private use. I would not mind putting one in my living room. That said, I am not sure the missus would feel the same.

For more rent or purchase info contact Classic Race Simulators via their official channels.

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