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2004 Williams FW26 preview for rFactor 2 by Mak-Corp

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Williams FW26  Williams FW26

2004 Williams FW26 preview

Mak-Corp revealed the first in-game preview shots of their 2004 Williams FW26 Formula One car for rFactor 2 by Image Space Incorporated. The car model is being developed as part of the Mak-Corp F1 Classics project. The project is currently in open Beta phase.

The F1 Classics mod is themed towards classic cars who competed in the Formula One seasons of the 1980’s ¬†and 90’s.¬†Back in December Mak-Corp released the first Beta¬†that was allready including some interesting¬†classic F1 Vehicles. The¬†1993 Marlboro Mclaren Ford MP4/8 driven by Ayrton Senna, the 1993 Mclaren is powered by the Ford HBE7 3.5 litre V8 engine and the 1993 Mclaren Ford driven by Mika Hakkinen.¬†Also the 1994 Marlboro Mclaren Peugeot MP4/9 piloted by Mika Hakkinen and Martin Brundle are featured in the v0.1 Open Beta. ¬†The mod includes both dry and wet tire compounds tire as they were used in the two seasons the cars competed in.

Mak-Corp announced that the 2004 Williams FW26 will join the F1 Classics mod car list in the very near future. In a small media release text it was hinted that it would be, Quote… very, very soon.

The¬†Williams FW26¬†is a¬†Formula One¬†car¬†build to compete in the¬†2004 Formula One world Championship. The FW26 was a brain child of¬†¬†Patrick Head, who was¬†co-founder and Engineering Director at Williams F1. The car competed in the 2004 season with Ralf Schumacher¬†and¬†Juan Pablo Montoya¬†behind the wheel. The FW26 was powered by a¬†BMW¬†3 liter V10 engine. Many fans had¬†tipped the car as a title favourite, but the car proved very inconsistent, eventually finishing fourth in the constructor’s Championship.

FW26 Mod Credits:

  • 3D Model by:¬†Koen Calleyl
  • 2D Textures by:¬†Ra√ľl Gull√≥n
  • In-Game by: Stephen Young
  • Physics by:¬†Derek Nye
  • Sounds by: Alvaro Perez
Official Webpage –

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