Monthly Archives: "June 2012"

Yes it's finally here!! The Tutorial/Video guide you have asked for. As it's quite a long videoI tidgney has put time stamps below of each corner so if it's just a specific corner your after you can click to get to the start of each corner. Read More

N.H Quote: **This was a beta version where I made the physics, they will be different in the final version of the mod!** When I raise my finger, I'm full throttle. Not very often! Read More

Markus Matthias has a look at the very good looking and challenging Scania Truck Driving Simulator. Read More
Catching up on a review Team VVV been meaning to do for ages, they call it the 'new' revo seat but actually it's not new now, saying that it still has some fresh ideas. So Team VVV gives a breif run-down as they are sure many of you have seen reviews of this rig in the past, while adding some lemon peel and a twist of Alan. Read More
Team Vintage released their 1937 Grand Prix mod for rFactor. Now you will be able to drive the classic beasts of the 30´s in your favourite sim. Read More
SimRacing Hardware is showing us a quick teaser video of the much awaited 'Monsta' display. A new concept in simulation displays, the Monsta is designed to be placed just under your monitor/screen directly in your peripheral vision. With colour coded displays its easy to read ALL your sim telemetry without taking your eyes off the road! Read More
Marcus Matthias created another Project CARS detail video featuring the Lotus 49. Read More
THE WORLDS GREATEST MOTOR-SPORTING EVENT, - ISLE of MAN TT. New TT Fans every day. All riders survived these crashes. Top Speed 190-206mph. 25mph hairpin corners and 200mph straights over a 38 mile road circuit. Read More
Doug Meyers of Sim Racing Review does a initial review of the Track Boss Button Box by Derek Speare Designs. Read More
Last week Racing Aces held a competition, the winner would get to drive a Lotus F1 car at the Paul Ricard circuit. So Team VVV popped along to find out more, The rigs are by Vesaro while the software is RFactor Pro. Read More
A short teaser showing various basic tuning variants of ETS2 trucks. Read More
Marchettino Quote - Epic is not an adjective i use quite often to describe a car. The Pagani Zonda R is certainly one of the most incredible cars i have ever had the chance to see and film in person. I was lucky enough to film the action so close with the Pagani team and mr.Horacio Pagani in person in the pitlane area. Read More