Monthly Archives: "September 2012" presents another video coming out of Cologne Germany and Gamescom 2012. Andreas Nie caught up with Antonio Moro of Victory to discuss The Age of Racing. They talk about the features that are in the game and what players can expect from their game model. This is a free to play game with the ability to purchase more content later. Read More

Footage of Alan Boiston´s first hands-on Grid 2, He promised more impressions and a developer interview, so here it is.... Read More

Game Stock Car 2012 and F1 2012. A lap around Interlagos on two great but vastly different titles, nevertheless, an interesting comparison between Reiza Studios and Codemasters version of Interlagos, Read More
Learn more about iRacing at! Start your sim racing career today. Read More
The American Le Mans Series full race broadcast of the 2012 Road Race Showcase at Road America. Read More
Ets2Poland uploaded a new video of Eurotruck Simulator 2 called ' Quick Jobs " Read More
StabiZ is back with a stunning video of the Riley DP at Suzuka. The track that according to Stabiz really gives the suspension a trashing. The song is "Gabriel" by John Goddard. Read More
Footage of Alan Boiston´s first hands-on Grid 2, He promised more impressions and a developer interview in a later video. Read More
20 years after the legendary Mclaren F1, Mclaren debuts in Paris with its successor that is called P1. Video shows the live world debut of the car with Ron Dennis, then the car on display and also a few shots of the back and the huge wing in action. Read More
Slightly Mad Studios released a pack of previews showcasing the Project CARS Pagani Zonda R running on a wet track, boosting new rain effects and track reflection. Keep in mind that all the implemented effects are still a work of progress. Read More
GRID 2 gameplay (first look) - This Chicago video features a Street Racing stage where muscle cars, including the Camaro SS, Z06 Corvette and Boss Mustang, charge through skyscraper-lined streets and chase through tunnels. Videos is captured from pre-alpha, work-in-progress code. Read More
Simraceway is an online racing game that allows avid race fans the opportunity to compete against fellow racers in the latest cars on incredibly realistic race tracks. The virtual racing environment is created using immensely powerful track and vehicle mapping similar to the technology used in Formula 1 simulators. Simraceway also turns to expert drivers Allan McNish, Dario Franchitti and in-house developer Nico Rondent to hone the car to as realistic a feel as possible. Read More