Monthly Archives: "May 2013"

Reiza Studios posted new preview screenshots of the 2013 graphical updates they are performing on tracks and vehicles. Read More

Adrenalin charged box. Riders ready to start. Noise on the Pit Lane. The excitement of a MotoGP race. This is exactly the mood that Milestone's team wants to recreate in MotoGP™13 thanks to Motion Capture Technology. Read More

The officially sanctioned 2013 NASCAR Series World Championship continues tonight with round seven at the famous Charlotte Motor Speedway. Read More
Dinca Andrei and CCX are working on a 1999 Rover Mini 1.3i Cooper (Sports Pack) project for the Assetto Corsa modding part of the upcoming tile by Kunos Simulazioni. Read More
Supercar Challenge round 2 at the Slovakiaring For the first time in the history of the Supercar Challenge, was driven on the Slovakiaring, 40 km south of the capital Bratislava (Slovakia). In this program, the full report of the Saturday and Sunday races of the SuperGT, GT and GTB. Read More
Mak-Corp released new WIP screenshots of the Sauber C11 model which will be featured in their Classic Cars mod. Read More presents their coverage of the Open House Party thrown by CXC Simulations. They interview Chris Considine & Tom Haake. Read More
If you missed the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series 2013 round 7 at the Watkins Glentrack, then her is your chance to catch up. As usual, GlacierTV streamed the full race, and the full event is being commentated by skilled presenters Marius Golombeck, Paul Jenkins, Dan blake, while cameras are being handled by Joni Backman.. Read More
EKSIMRacing has been working in the past with Leo Bodnar to create the famous SLI-PRO and now I'm proud to announce a new collaboration with another genius of electronics named Nace from SIM Display Read More
Reiza Studios have posted two articles to give the fans some insight in what the team has in store for us next. For fans of the Ayrton Senna project, and the ad don tracks for the Rieza based titles this is a must read. Read More
After debuting at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, this track-oriented iteration of one of Italy's most exotic hypercars was initially primed for a paltry production run in 2009, before, to the rejoicing of deep-pocketed autophiles around the world, Pagani announced it would make more available in 2012. Read More
Image Space Incorporated is very pleased and proud to announce the licensing of Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Dallara DW12 Indy car for its rFactor2 racing simulation. Read More