Monthly Archives: "June 2013"

SCS has been working hard on an update patch for their Eurotruck Simulator 2. They reached a marker that turns it into a testable build, so we might see the update soon. Read More

F1LR Showroom allows to visualise and check the car skins and GenString code settings of the F1LR mod cars, without loading the game. This F1LR Showroom package includes the F1 Legends Racing mod car skins and templates for use in PhotoShop and Paint.NT . Read More

In the second batch of WIP shots you can admire images showing off the model quality and detail going into the rFactor 2 Silverstone track build. Read More
The first DLC of Eurotruck Simulator 2 came a long way to be, as a polished product, as ETS 2 was. There are still quite a few bugs to fix, but SCS believe soon they will be able to tell you the release day. Read More
StabiZ created yet another masterpiece. All Road racing cars in iRacing are showcased in the usual StabiZ style. A feast for the fans. Read More
Summer's here and the Forza Motorsport ALMS Challenge is heating up! This season-long series of Rivals Mode racing events in Forza Motorsport 4 is inspired by the real 2013 season of the American Le Mans Series and famous endurance races the world over. Read More
Andkorot was working on the LADA Granta CUP Championship for Race07 , but decided that he will convert/rebuild the car for Assetto Corsa when released. It is extremely great to see the modding scene come back to life after a rather slow year. Read More
This is the GlacierTV Track Guide covering the Mid-Ohio track, using iRacing. Read More
The new SLIMax Manager III V3.1 by EKSIMRacing is released and ready for Download. Read More
F1 Racing Legends [F1LR] is a free downloadable add-on car pack for race simulation games, based on old Formula One era cars. F1 Legends Racing is a mod for GT Legends, GTR2, and Race 07 / Race Injection and it is scratch build. Read More