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2015 NISMO Festival – Full event

2015 NISMO Festival – Full event

Nismo TV posted the full broadcast capture of the 18th Nismo Festival 2015 edition at the Fuji Speedway circuit in Oyama, Japan.

The annual Nismo Festival event held In honor of Nissan’s racing success and automotive history allows Nissan NISMO fanatics and motorsports enthusiasts from around the world to get up close and personal with the classic and current cars of the brand.

Each year thousands of fans gather at the racing circuit to admire Nissan’s motorsport division’s most storied machines. Early Skyline’s to modern day Super GT and Le Mans Prototypes,  all lined up in the pits, and racing on the track.

But thats not all. The event also features tuning shops, book stores,  Dy cast model shows and more. A true festival for any NISMO fanatic.