Monthly Archives: "October 2017"

Thrustmaster 2017 firmware update
Thrustmaster has released new firmware for several of its force feedback wheelbases.Read More

rFactor 2 GT3 Update 1
STUDIO 397 deployed the first update for the rFactor 2 GT3 addon bringing us a selection of improvements, tweaks, and fixes for all five cars in the pack.Read More

Martin and Alex Brundle test Gran Turismo Sport
Former Formula One driver Martin Brundle and his son Alex fire up the PS4 and get behind the wheel for a few laps with Gran Turismo Sport.Read More
Project CARS 2 Insiders Guide part 2
Yorkie65 is back with a new Project CARS 2 tutorial video showing us how to create Pit Strategies and how to use the In-Car Management (ICM) Menu.Read More
RaceRoom Triple Screen in Development
Today Sector3 Studios announced that they will be adding true multi-monitor rendering to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.Read More
Project CARS 2 - Winter is coming
After some absence, Jonz is back with a new cinematic product trailer showcasing the dynamic weather effects of Project CARS 2. Read More
Forza 7 vs GT Sport by Digital Foundry
In his latest video, John Linneman from Digital Foundry compares the graphics fidelity of Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport.Read More
Simulator insights
McLaren Young Driver and F3 champion Lando Norris, explains what it takes to become a Formula 1 simulator driver.Read More
BBS Wheel Rim PC Case
While this is not exactly Sim Racing news, we thought it was cool enough to share it with all of you. How about a Racing Rim PC system.Read More
iRacing Kokomo
iRacing officially announced that the Kokomo Speedway dirt track will be coming to the iRacing Online Racing Service.Read More
Codemasters Publisher Weekend
Codemasters is offering huge discounts during their Codemasters Publisher Weekend on the STEAM platform.Read More
Project CARS 2 Motorsport Car Pack
Slightly Mad Studios Junior designer, Matt York aka YouTuber Yorkie65 showcases the four cars featured in the Project CARS 2 Motorsport Car Pack.Read More