2023 ADAC SimRacing Expo Tour By Laurence Dusoswa

Most of you will probably know that this weekend, the 2023 ADAC SimRacing Expo is ongoing in Hall 3 of the Dortmund Trade Fair in Dortmund Germany.

As in previous editions, the 2023 ADAC SimRacing Expo promises numerous highlights and something interesting for every sim racing enthusiast. Visitors will be able to try out various Sim Racing products, meet their online racing friends, and sim racing celebrities, and maybe do some sim racing against professional racing drivers.

Needless to say alongside thousands of sim racing enthusiasts, also a lot of European sim racing media personalities and influencers are on site. (Yours truly did not make it to the venue once more, because work-related, September and October are just impossible weekends for me to travel.

Nevertheless, aside from the official Expo Livestream, many Sim Racing YouTubers are keeping us up to date and are sharing loads of interesting media. So let’s follow Laurence Dusoswa who takes us on a tour around the 2023 expo.

Official Webpage – www.simracingexpo.de