3D-Simgear RaceDash Pro Review By GamerMuscle

3D-Simgear RaceDash Pro Review By GamerMuscle

I guess it was time for a 3D-Simgear RaceDash Pro Review… GamerMuscle style!

A racing Dash is a valuable tool for drivers to optimize their lap times or overall performance and can help you make critical decisions during a race.

The Racedash Pro by 3D Simgear is an ultrasharp 4.3″ Vocore touchscreen device housed in a 3D printed case with a CNC machined 2mm carbon front plate.

The dash comes with 2 mounting solutions (1x for VRS and Simucube and 1x for all Fanatec wheelbases). The height adjustable mounts are made out of a 2mm carbon fiber reinforced polymer. Optionally, 3D Simgear can provide custom-made brackets.

The Racedash Pro is connected to a PC via a standard USB cable and can be used to run various telemetry layouts from the (Free) SimHub modular software platform which allows users to create custom dashboards, read telemetry data from their simulator software, and add new functionalities through plugins and modules.

The RaceDash Pro is available via the official 3D-Simgear website for 229,00 EUR VAT incl. + shipping

Official Webpage  –  shop.3d-simgear.de

3D-Simgear RaceDash Pro