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A look at the Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator

A look at the Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator

Mike from the Virtual Reality Oasis YouTube channel traveled to London to find out more about the Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator which is being developed by Mark Towner.

With the Feel Three project, Mark aimed to develop an affordable, modular and customizable motion simulator specifically made for use with VR equipment. While most current motion simulator platforms only feature a small range of motion, the Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Sim is a major step up, as it sports an incredible 100 degrees of pitch and roll.

The simulator is a half sphere which sits in a base containing wheels and motors to move the user in three degrees of rotation: pitch, roll, and yaw. Because the center of gravity is at the center of the sphere there is no lifting, and the simulator is very easy to move.

Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator 1  Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator 1

Needless to say that this product in development can also be of interest to sim racing enthusiasts. Mike boarded the simulator for a demo and drive using Project Cars and an HTC Vive VR headset. After an exciting test session, he sat down with Feel Three founder Mark Towner to talk about the Kickstarter opportunities, the simulators development cycle, and its future.

The actual production of the Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator is scheduled to start in April 2019. For more detailed info, check out the Feel Three Kickstarter project at:

The FeelThree is based on an original design to rotate the user in a hemispherical platform sitting on an array of omniwheels. This allows the platform to quickly rotate the user in any direction while remaining quiet and using very little power. With motion, cancellation enabled the platform should actually reduce the chance of VR sickness since the vestibulo ocular mismatch now gives the user motion to match what they see. There is an option to buy the even more affordable ‘Battle Station’ cockpit first so users can later upgrade to the 3DOF Simulator. Everything is highly
adjustable and users can quickly swap their joysticks and wheels to switch between different game types. The Feel Three is a new dawn for affordable VR simulation games.

Mark Towner, founder explains: We love games here at FeelThree, and while VR has allowed us a peek into new worlds it doesn’t feel like you’re there until your plane starts to shake and you’re feeling the turns and loops. Flying and racing are just the beginning since you can soon swap out the regular cockpit to allow all kinds of new experiences, like motorbike racing, paragliding
and even flying a broom. We’re looking forward to seeing what developers come up with, but in the meantime, you’ll be able to play hundreds of currently supported titles in pure VR, or classic mode for non-VR titles.

FeelThree is based in London at the co-working space, Makerversity in the basement of Somerset House, and will be holding regular demos to allow backers and press to see and try the simulator during and after the Kickstarter campaign.

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Feel Three founder, Mark Towner, with 3DOF motion simulator, London