A Look At The GTOmega Inertia Bucket Seat

A look At The GTOmega Inertia Bucket Seat

Those who are looking for quality affordable sim racing products will undoubtedly have heard of the GTOmega brand. The company has built a reputation for providing products that combine functionality, style, and competitive pricing, making it a popular choice among beginning sim racers.

Recently GTOmega introduced its new Inertia Bucket Seat. This high-quality sim racing seat is made out of a lightweight fiberglass frame padded with cold-cure foam cushions lined with a soft and breathable fabric. The cushions are adjustable to easily make small adaptions to maximize your comfort and put the support where you need it most. The seat is available in Black, Pink, White or Red.

The Inertia Bucket Seat comes with a universal Mounting Bracket which lets you easily mount it to any GT Omega cockpit or rear frame. The seat also includes seat sliders allowing you to adjust your seating position on the fly.


  • GT Racing Position
  • Lightweight Fibreglass Frame
  • Included Universal Mounting Bracket with Seat Sliders
  • Adjustable High-Density Foam Cushioning
  • Multiple Colour Options

The GTOmega Inertia bucket seat is available for €299,95 (€50 off) via the GTOmega website. (free shipping) Customers get a 3-year warranty.

Official Webpages – www.gtomega.com