A Look At The Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus Cockpit

A Look At The Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus Cockpit

For avid sim racers, the Australian sim racing cockpit manufacturer Next Level Racing needs no introduction. Founded in 2009, the company quickly became one of the leading brands in the simulation industry, designing and marketing innovative Sim Racing chassis that are both durable and affordable.

Next Level Racing’s latest product is the Go Kart Plus racing cockpit.

The ergonomically designed NLR Go Kart Plus is perfect for both kids and adults due to its high adjustability. It accommodates riders of different heights (from 110 to 200 cm) and different body types. The seat angle, seat distance slider, and pedal distance slider are adjustable, making it effortless to go from Go Kart positioning to GT-style racing in minutes.

The sturdy cockpit construction can handle load cell / hydraulic pedals, and Direct Drive wheels.

The chassis is fitted with a custom-designed Go Kart-style seat with a premium fabric cover that is comfortable and easy to clean. The chassis is equipped with Next Level Racing locking spinner wheels, to effortlessly move the cockpit for convenient storage when not in use.

For the more demanding user, the Go Kart Plus cockpit is compatible with the Next Level Racing Motion Plus and Traction Plus platforms but requires teh Go Kart Plus Motion Adapter Kit. You can also further expand your Go-Kart setup with optional accessories such as the Go Kart Plus* Direct Monitor Mounts. The visual aspect can be enhanced by the included set of Go Kart Plus bumpers and stickers.


The Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus cockpit is available in Europe at 649.00 Euro incl. VAT, North America 599.00 USD, Australia 999.00 AUD and United Kingdom 599.00 GBP incl. VAT. Shipping costs are not included.


  • Designed for Go Kart type racing and general racing games
  • Designed for children and adults between 110 and 200 cm, 3’7″ to 6’7″ or up to a height of 40 inches.
  • Custom-designed Go Kart-style seat with premium fabric cover included
  • Adjustable seat, steering wheel, and pedal position to suit a wide range of users.
  • Compatible with a wide range of entry-level steering wheels and direct-drive steering wheels
  • Go Kart bumper kit included with a set of stickers for customizing numbers and names.
  • Next Level Racing locking swivel wheels included for mobility
  • Compatible with a wide range of steering wheels and pedals, including Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec and Moza Racing


  • Supported Height: 110 cm – 200 cm or 3’7″ – 6’7″.
  • Maximum supported waist size: 40 inches.
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 130 kg or 286 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: (L) 169.5 cm x (W) 83 cm or (H) 54 cm (L) 66.7 inches x (L) 32.7 inches x (H) 21.3 inches)
  • Box Dimensions: 89 cm (L) X 69 cm (W)
  • Product Weight: 28.2 Kg or 62.2 lbs.
  • Box Weight: 35.9 Kg or 79 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Reference: NLR-S034

What’s in the box

  • Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus Frame and Seat
  • Bumper kit
  • Sticker Pack (Numbers and Letters)
  • Seat Slides
  • Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus Seat Cover
  • Buttkicker Mount Adapter

Official Webpages – www.nextlevelracing.com