A Look At The Rexing Formula Wheel Mayaris

A Look At The Rexing Formula Wheel Mayaris
Rexing Formula Wheel Mayaris

The Croatian Rexing brand is now a household name in the high-end sim-racing industry. With a background in aeronautics and real motorsports, the small team has gathered a lot of experience in carbon fiber production, and cutting-edge technology.

This experience is now used to produce some very unique Sim Racing steering wheels for the Pro and demanding enthusiast market.  Each steering wheel is made out of hand-laid carbon fiber that is then vacuum-bagged and further processed in an autoclave, resulting in high-quality carbon-fiber parts with an excellent surface finish. Once ready, the rest of the wheel components are all hand-assembled.

Recently, Rexing introduced their new Formula Wheel “Mayaris”, which is now available to order.

The Mayaris wheel is a high-end 290 mm diameter lightweight Formula Style racing wheel, entirely made of carbon fiber and epoxy composite. The Polyurethane grips a fitted over of hollow carbon base resulting in a comfortable, durable, light-weight, grip.

The wheel body is fitted with 10 dimmable backlit pushbuttons, fully configurable to any telemetry data. On top of that, you can assign more than one telemetry data condition to the same button, and choose how to prioritize them. 

Furthermore, a mounted Multiswitch can be rotated like an encoder. It can be pressed like a button, and can be pushed up, down, left, right, like a thumbstick.

The Integrated USBD480 display enables you to use your favorite sim racing software, like Z1, Simdash, Simhub, and more. The user can choose the color and the function of the RGB LEDs around the display and enables you to add multiple telemetry data to each of them. The display is finished with a tempered glass cover in order to diffuse the RGB LED lights to make them visible from all angles.

The standard configuration of the wheel features both Magnetic paddle shifters and a set of Clutch paddles. Optionally the wheel can be fitted with a third set of push/pull paddles.

The Rexing Formula Wheel Mayaris is available for order via the Official Rexing website for €1.600,00 + shipping.

(For non-EU countries, VAT will be charged by your country’s authorities once the product arrives. For EU countries VAT is included.)

For more details, check out the feature list below, and/or have a look at the Mayaris Wheel User Manual.

Rexing Formula Wheel Mayaris Features


  • Full carbon fiber body
  • 4.3″ USBD480 LCD display compatible with popular sim racing software applications such as Simdash, Simhub and Z1
  • 11 RGB LEDs, 6 additional marshal RGB LEDs: all configurable to telemetry data in Simdash application. Adjustable brightness (using a potentiometer on the wheel), and wide variety of colors to choose from in Simdash software.
  • 10 illuminated, dimmable push-buttons, each configurable to any telemetry data in Simdash application with the possibility to have more than one condition assigned to any button, and to choose priorities among the conditions. Their brightness can be adjusted in Simdash software, whereas their color is fixed and can’t be altered. Pushbuttons are high quality “Apem” brand with actuation force of 3.5 N and push travel of 1 mm.
  • Analog joystick/thumbstick with center push
  • Multi-switch which functions simultaneously as a rotary encoder, a digital joystick and a button
  • 6 thumb rotary encoders
  • Potentiometer for “on the fly” RGB LEDs brightness adjustment
  • Potentiometer for clutch bite adjustment
  • Polyurethane rubber grips
  • Tempered glass display cover
  • Aluminium knobs
  • Magnetic paddle shifters
  • Hall sensor clutch paddles, single axis with bite point adjustment
  • OPTIONAL: Third set of paddles, each with dual action (possible to push it and pull it – with firm center position, providing a total of 4 configurable positions on just 2 paddles)
  • Aluminium hub on the back – accepts 50.8 mm and 70 mm wheel bases and quick releases (for example: Simucube, Fanatec Podium Hub and others)
  • Non-proprietary connector on the back of the wheel (easy to replace or make your own cable)
  • High quality USB spiral cable included
  • !! Requires powered USB hub

Official Webpages –  rexing.eu

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