A Look At The Sim Lab Push-Pull Rally Shifter

A Look At The Sim Lab Push-Pull Rally Shifter
Sim Lab Push-Pull Rally Shifter

Sim-Lab has introduced its new Push-Pull Rally Shifter adding a PC product to its line-up ideal for rally simulator enthusiasts.

A push-pull paddle shifter is a gear shifter mechanism commonly used in rally cars, allowing the driver to shift gears quickly and accurately while keeping both hands on the steering wheel, reducing the risk of losing control and crashing while navigating through rough terrain and sharp turns.

The push-pull rally shifter is designed to be used with sequential manual transmissions. It has two levers, one for upshifting and one for downshifting. To upshift, the driver pulls the lever towards themselves, while to downshift, they push the lever away from themselves.

The Sim Lab Push-Pull Rally Shifter base and mount are created out of high-quality billet aluminum while the large shifter paddles are made out of motorsports grade 5mm carbon fiber.

The shifter comes with 3 sets of arms insuring compatibility with most of the popular wheelbases. The unit mounts to a wheelbase via a quick-release system on the shifter enabling the user to mount or dismount the unit in an easy and quick way.

For more detailed mounting and calibration info, check out the user manual.

Sim Lab Push-Pull Rally Shifter is available via the official webstore for €199.00 + (worldwide) shipping.

Mounting Compatibility:

  • Fanatec DD1/DD2
  • Fanatec ClubSport
  • Fanatec CSL (DD) & CSL Elite
  • Simucube Sport and Pro
  • Simagic Alpha
  • VRS Directforce Pro
  • OSW/SC1

What’s Included:

  • Push-Pull Shifter
  • USB cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Carbon-fiber mounting bracket for Direct-Drive Motor and Fanatec

Official Webpage – sim-lab.eu

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