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A Look At The Updated SiméTik K2-R Cockpit

A Look At The Updated SiméTik K2-R Cockpit

Updated SiméTik K2-R Cockpit

A Look At The Updated SiméTik K2-R Cockpit

For a number of years, the Portuguese Simétik company has successfully marketed its K2 Sim Racing Cockpit as an affordable and highly adjustable product. Last year, SiméTik upgraded the original unit, resulting in the K2-R Cockpit.

But Simétik did not stop there. They have ones more updated and improved the K2-R Cockpit

The latest iteration of the Simétik K2-R Cockpit is made out of steel powder-coated and aluminum parts set up to mimic a GT car driving position. The chassis is available in eighter a black or a white finish.

To reach a comfortable seating position, both the steering wheel and the pedal platforms can be adjusted. The wheel mount lets you change the inclination, height, and depth, while the pedal mount lets you adjust the inclination, distance, and height. ( 2 settings)

The front and rear parts of the chassis can be assembled using 3 different configurations making the rig suitable for people of various sizes ranging from 1,35m/4,4ft up to 1,95m/6,4ft.

The Cockpit K2-R comes with pre-drilled patterns to accommodate most seats and sim racing peripherals such as the Logitech G25/G27/G29, Thrustmaster T500RS/T300 wheels, Fanatec Clubsport and Podium series, the CSL Elite wheel and pedals, and more. (Fasteners are included)

The SiméTik K2-R Cockpit is available via the official SiméTik Web Store for  350.00 Ex. VAT. ( Needless to say, the pictured racing seat, pedals, and steering wheel are not included.)

New orders are expected to ship on the 15th of June.

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