A Look At The SOELPEC Spectra XR

A Look At The SOELPEC Spectra XR

It is fair to say that on the current sim racing market, there is no shotage of high-end wheel rim manufacturers. Various small and bigger brands from arround the world, now compete in what was once a very niche industry. One of the younger brands is the Turkish SOELPEC company.

Founded about two years ago, SOELPEC is made up of a team of passionate sim racers who aim to create innovative and cutting-edge sim racing equipment in the higher segment of the market.

Recently, SOELPEC introduced the Spectra XR sim racing wheel rim which is a 302mm diameter lightweight (1350gr) open-bottom shaped wheel rim with 50A Overmold Silicone Grips.

The wheel is built around a very stiff 6061 Aluminum Anodized chassis and a Carbon Fiber center plate housing a 5″ Touchscreen Display and 23 configurable LEDs.

The front plate controls include no less than 17 RGB illuminated Push Buttons, 2 seven-way switches, and 3 ELMA rotary encoders with Push Button function. The illumination and dashboard functionalities of the wheel are controlled using the popular SimHub software.

Customers can customize the colors of their Spectra XR by purchasing different color variants of anodized Center Encoder, Thumb Encoders, and 7-way Switches knobs.

The rear of the rim is fitted with a set of Magnetic Shifters and Dual-cutches with Hall Sensors and a Bite-Point Button. Furthermore, the rim features a 42mm rear hub compatible with 70mm 6-hole mounting patterns.

The Spectra XR also comes with a quality spiral USB cable with a 4-pin Lumberg connector, and extra magnets for adjusting the shifter force.


The SOELPEC Spectra XR wheel rim is available for €1.499,00 excluded import taxes, VAT and shipping. The estimated delivery time after order is about 2 Weeks.


  • 302mm Wheel Diameter
  • 5 Inch Touchscreen Display
  • 17x Push Buttons and 2x 7-way Switches
  • 3x Center ELMA Encoders With Push Buttons
  • 2x Dual-Action ELMA Thumb Encoders With 8 Inputs
  • Customizable, telemetry-supported RGB Illumination
  • 23 Additional Configurable LEDs Around the Display
  • 1350gr total weight without the rear hub
  • 50A Overmold Silicone Grips
  • 700 Gram-Force Tactile Switches
  • Fully 6061 Aluminum Anodized Structure
  • Carbon Fiber Center Plate
  • PMMA Button Caps and LED diffusers
  • Textured PVC Film Stickers
  • Ball Bearing Magnetic Shifters with Black N52 Magnets
  • Ball Bearing Dual-Clutches with Hall Sensors and Bite-Point Button

What’s in the box:

  • Spectra XR Steering Wheel with Dual Clutches and Carbon Fiber Paddles
  • 42mm Color-Coordinated Rear Hub
  • 4-pin Spiral Cable with Lumberg Connector
  • Extra Polyester Film Sticker Sheet for Button Caps and Encoders
  • Additional Magnets for Adjusting the Shifter Force
  • 6x M5*12mm Captive Screws for Mounting
  • 4mm Allen Key and Tweezers
  • SOELPEC Sticker Sheet
  • Quick Start Guide

Official Webpages – www.nextlevelracing.com