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The Vesaro Professional Special Edition

The Vesaro Professional Special Edition

Vesaro Professional V Spec 2020 Special Edition

The Vesaro Professional Special Edition

When money is not an issue…

Sim racing rigs come in all flavors, and price ranges. The market is flooded with products ranging from budget-friendly to outrageously luxurious.

One of the brands operating in the higher echelons of the sim racing market is the British Vesaro Simulators company. At their headquarters in Kent, UK, Vesaro designs, engineers and builds a selection of impressive high-end racing simulators for commercial and domestic use.

The Vesaro racing rig is available as a base non-motion chassis, but due to its modular design can be upgraded with a big selection of features.

In the top tier of the product lineup, Vesaro markets its flagship Formula Series of Motion simulators, available as a full, 1/2, and 3/4 formula car chassis. But it does not stop there. If money is not an issue, there is also the McLaren driving simulator range build in collaboration with Mclaren Automotive, incorporating subtle design elements and authentic components from the McLaren sports cars. (For pricing, you can check the official Vesaro webpage. Be aware that these special products are not aimed at mere mortals.)


Vesaro Professional V Spec 2020 Special Edition Formula Wheel


Vesaro Professional Special Edition

Most sim racers will know that Vesaro brands its products with a black and yellow color scheme. Vesaro now introduced the somewhat more unconventional Special Edition package, which comes in a black and red flavor.

The Vesaro Professional Special Edition, ads the black and red color design to the 4-Point Harness, spacers, dials, buttons, and more, resulting in a rather pleasing looking package.

Furthermore, the rig is featuring a Gen-3 D-BOX Quad Motion 6.0 Inch platform with fast responding pitch, roll, and heave, as well as strong tactile feedback. Vesaro provides a 225 Inch wrap-around view using three 75 inch screens.

Check out the full spec list below.

All this bliss is available for a price of ¬£84,950.00 / ‚ā¨93984.00 / US$ 111254.00, so start filling in those lottery tickets!


Vesaro Professional V Spec 2020 Special Edition Rear


Specifications and Features

  • D-BOX 4 actuator motion technology providing 6 inches of heave, roll, and pitch motion.
  • 4 point tactile feedback vibration providing feel of surface detail, engine, and rumble strips.
  • G-Force seat belt system with Special Edition seat belt harness providing sustained g-force effects under braking.
  • The latest class-leading force feedback steering technology
  • Special Edition wireless professional motorsport grade steering wheel with separate digital color data display
  • Special Edition professional motorsport grade pedal system with hydraulic piston technology
  • Professional V-Spec Button box for enhanced in-game control.
  • H-Pattern and Sequential Shifter gearbox.
  • Special Edition Cobra Technology Carbon fiber bucket racing seat with Alcantara and diamond stitching
  • Full integrated onboard audio with low profile subwoofer (under the seat), digital amplifier and surround sound satellite speakers
  • Fully integrated on-board Vesaro PC with cutting edge graphics and featuring the latest most powerful graphics card and CPU.
  • Wraparound 225 inches fully adjustable display setup
  • VR Virtual Reality headset- Special Edition led lighting package
  • Custom Special Edition colours
  • 2-year Warranty & 7 days per week telephone support.
  • A full suite of racing software including :
    – Iracing – Full content package all tracks & cars
    – Assetto Corsa – Full content package all tracks & cars
    – Assetto Corsa Competizione
    – Project Cars 2 – Full content package all tracks & cars
    – Dirt Rally
    – F1 2020
  • Special Edition professional simulator designed for private or home customers requiring the ultimate high-end Motorsport grade quality components.
  • The simulator comes Plug and Play factory assembled by default and includes a professional-grade direct drive steering force feedback system that is designed for the ultimate in authenticity and realism and offering direct feedback of the car steering system, road texture, and general forces.
  • The simulator includes our custom-built water-cooled PC which uses only the best cherry picked components for optimal simulation performance. ¬†All Vesaro PCs are built in house by the same technicians building the simulator ensuring that everything seamlessly ties together for a complete unified solution.
  • The simulator features an authentic GT style driving position with raised pedal position¬†and angled seat by¬†utilizing¬†the GT seat conversion system.
  • Base on our commercial strength framework with adjustable pedals height and position using a quick release system. ¬†Adjustable seat position and adjustable¬†height and angle.
  • The simulator¬†includes a professional Motorsport¬†grade racing seat made by seat manufacturer Cobra.
  • On-board audio provides a clean setup with high-quality onboard components including an Alpine low profile subwoofer located under the seat and a vibe amplifier powering the 4 satellite speakers.
  • The Simulator comes with a 2 Year warranty and is backed up by our free remote login support and 7 days per week free phone and email support.



The Vesaro company based in Kent, UK, was founded in 2010. The aim was to develop a range of products for Home, Commercial Entertainment, Professional Driver Training, and military applications.

The Vesaro system is based on an ultra-strong handcrafted center core that can be adapted to your personal needs offering customizations such as the type of finish, different steering setups, ButtKicker seat shaker, D-Box motion physics system, surround sound, LCD screen attachments, surround sound audio attachments and more.

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