A Look At The VESARO V-ZERO Sim Racing System

A Look At The VESARO V-ZERO Sim Racing System
VESARO V-ZERO Sim Racing System

Let’s take a look at the Vesaro V-ZERO Private edition sim racing rig.

Now before you start shouting, I know… It’s hugely expensive and made for fortunate sons and daughters. That said, there is such a thing as a market for extravagant and extremely luxurious products, so get over it.

The Vesaro brand is known for producing a line of high-end racing simulators aimed at those who do not have to worry about the balance of their checkbook. The Vesaro V-ZERO Private edition is no exception to this rule. The chassis, body kit, and motion parts are certainly up to high spec as we came to expect from Vesaro.

However, to my surprise, the integrated PC system and some of the chosen sim racing peripherals could easily be called lower to midrange products which certainly do not correspond to the status and price range of the product. What’s going on Vesaro?

The Vesaro V-ZERO, is designed in collaboration with F1 and based on the commercial version used in the F1 Arcade with all chassis parts and electronic systems seamlessly integrated into the body design. The integration is executed without compromise, leaving only one single cable that connects to a standard wall socket providing a clean and elegant solution.

The Vesaro V-ZERO comes with all the high-tech specs we got accustomed to with Vesaro. The V-Zero is based around a hand-crafted, industrial-strength GFT system providing a Formula / GT style seating position. The chassis features a quick-release pedal distance adjustment and quick-release seat adjustment.  The chassis includes our GTF conversion system providing a Formula / GT-style seating position.

Aesthetically, the chassis is covered by a CAD-engineered fiberglass body shell with an automotive-grade integrated seat that is fitted with a faux leather padding system that is highly durable and easy to clean.

Are far as motion is concerned, the V-ZERO is equipped with a FIA-approved D-BOX Dual Motion 1.5 Haptic motion system which offers 1.5 inches of heave, pitch, and roll movement. Furthermore, a 2 Point tactile vibration system generates feedback for road textures, rumble strips, engine vibration, and more.

The 16Nm torque Direct Drive wheelbase is fitted with a 280mm Moza FSR formula wheel rim, featuring an integrated 4.3-inch color display, leather grips, Toray carbon fiber, magnetic Dual Clutch paddles, RGB RPM, and a shift indicator. The power and all communication with the wheel electronics are provided via wireless technology. Needless to say, the wheel rim is fitted with a high-end quick-release system to swap wheels on the fly. Furthermore, Vesaro selected the professional grade Heusinkveld Ultimate+ 2 as a pedal system of choice.

To keep the rig looking as compact as possible, and clutter-free, Vesaro integrated a custom Vesaro case design PC into the chassis. The visuals are provided by an Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ Ultrawide monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate HDR support, and a 3840 x 1080 resolution.

While is Vesaro V-Zero is without a doubt a high-end sim racing system, to my surprise, the currently listed PC specs are not up to par with the chassis level of performance. Vesaro lists a system including an Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU, a 500GB Samsung EVO 970 SSD, Be Quiet Shadow Rock LP cooling fan, a Corsair Platinum PSU, 16Gb Corsair 2400Mhz Ram, a Gigabyte Aorus Pro DDR4 motherboard, and the Intel I5 12500 CPU.

A nice midrange PC indeed, but clearly not up to spec for modern high-end racing simulations. Considering the price and status of the rig, I would have at least expected a 12th-gen i7-based system with an Nvidia 4080, 32Gb of Ram, and a water-cooled cooling solution. ( ed: It’s clear that the customer can opt for a higher spec system when needed.)

The Vesaro V-ZERO Private edition sim racing rig is available for £38,622 / €44,098 / US $47,663.


  • Vesaro I Chassis GTF
  • V-Zero Body & Integrated seat
  • Haptic motion system – Gen 5 D-Box 2 Actuator 1.5 Inch
  • Direct Drive Steering Base 16Nm
  • Wheel Rim – Moza FSR
  • Pedals – Heusinkveld Ultimate+ 2
  • PC – Vesaro PC On-Board Level 2
  • Display 49 Inch Ultrawide ROG Strix XG49VQ
  • V-Zero Integrated Audio system – 2 x 4 inch Drivers & 300 Watt Under Seat Subwoofer
  • Floating Display Stand *Patent Pending
  • Rear Lights
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Digital Dynamic Display Screen
  • Safety Protection System UKCA/CE Certified
  • UPS Backup
  • Assetto Corsa and Iracing starter pack. (Additional software available on request)
  • Turnkey

The Vesaro company based in Kent, UK, is one of the brands operating in the higher echelons of the sim racing market. The company was founded in 2010. The aim was to develop a range of products for Home, Commercial Entertainment, Professional Driver Training, and military applications.

The modular Vesaro system is based on an ultra-strong handcrafted center core that can be adapted to your personal needs offering customizations such as the type of finish, different steering setups, ButtKicker seat shaker, D-Box motion physics system, surround sound, LCD screen attachments, surround sound audio attachments and more.

In the top tier of the product lineup, Vesaro markets its flagship Formula Series of Motion simulators, available as a full, 1/2, and 3/4 formula car chassis. But it does not stop there. there is also the McLaren driving simulator range build in collaboration with Mclaren Automotive, incorporating subtle design elements and authentic components from the McLaren sports cars.

Official Webpage  –  www.vesaro.com