A Look At The VPG V-RSPG Pro Racing Wheel

A Look At The VPG V-RSPG Pro Racing Wheel
VPG V-RSPG Pro Racing Wheel

Born out of passion and love for motorsport and sim racing, the British VPG brand was founded by Mike and Manny after they successfully designed and built a custom wheel for their e-sports team. The small started their career by producing the scratch-built Elemento and Elemento Pro wheels.

At the beginning of 2023, Mike and Manny introduced the VPG V-RSPG Pro Racing Wheel. This handmade high-end SimHub-compatible sim racing steering wheel is based on a famous endurance wheel design with a button layout suitable to simulate both GT and LMP-type cars. During the design, using the latest FEA software, a lot of attention went to the weight distribution of the wheel, resulting in a more detailed force feedback when in use.

The rim body is made out of 6061 Aluminium and is fitted with new ergonomic grips. The wheel features a 5mm Carbon front plate that houses 12 RGB illuminated tactile push buttons with thermo-printed button caps. The buttons are configurable in the Simhub software. The brightness of the illumination can also be adjusted in SimHub.

Furthermore, 4 automotive-grade Thumb Rotary Encoders, 4 front Rotary Encoders, and a 4-way funky switch with a Push-Button feature. The most noticeable parts on the front of the rim are the 4.3” integrated Vocore 3mm Gorilla Glass screen, and the 16 RGB Rev LEDs.

On the rear of the rim, we find a set of Magnetic paddle shifters, Dual Clutch paddles (travel and bite point adjustable), and a 70mm carbon fiber QR Hub plate.

Each wheel is shipped in an industrial-grade hard case and comes with a heavy-duty coiled USB cable.

The VPG V-RSPG Pro Racing Wheel is available for £1449.00 excl. VAT (€1660.00 excl. VAT). The wheel can be shipped with either white or blue illuminated buttons. Optionally you can select Custom illuminated buttons at an additional cost of £25.00.

Key Features:

  • 6061 aluminum main body and knobs
  • 5mm Carbon front plate, Carbon QR hub, and Carbon Shifter/Clutch paddles
  • Injection molded ergonomic rubber grips
  • 4.3” integrated Vocore screen + 3mm Gorilla Glass screen protector
  • 16 RGB-illuminated LEDs controlled by telemetry
  • Illuminated Apem 6.5n buttons – available in white or blue
  • Illuminated Apem 5g tactile switches
  • Automotive grade Elma encoders
  • 4-way funky switch
  • Magnetic paddle shifters
  • Dual Clutch – Integrated clutch travel and bite point setting
  • Single USB connector
  • wheel hub on the back for 70 mm wheelbases and quick releases (for example Simucube, Fanatec podium hub, and others)
  • Fully SimHub compatible

Official Webpage – vpgsim.co.uk