Assetto Corsa 1999 Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i Released

Assetto Corsa Dinca 1999 Rover Mini Cooper1.3i

Rover Mini Cooper 1.3

1999 Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i for AC Released

Dinca Andrei, CCX and KitrinosKat released version 0.1 of their 1999 Rover Mini 1.3i Cooper for Assetto Corsa.

Dinca has Scratch built the 3D model by the use of a blueprints and loads of reference photographs.  The mod features accurate physics by CCX, based on manufacturer data and measurements taken from the real car. This way the team has tries to mimic the performance of the real car as accurate as possible. KitrinosKat was responsible for the custom sound-set

All the original manufacturer colour options of the Cooper are included in the mod. From the stunning Tahiti Blue to the iconic Almond Green. Pick your favourite.


The modding team provided an optional download featuring two more “Stage” tuned version.

  • Stage 1: 90bhp MPi engine, 5-speed Jack Knight gearbox
  • Stage2: 150+bhp carburettor A-series engine, 5-speed gearbox with 3.67 final drive and limited-slip differential, semi slick tyres, upgraded brakes, upgraded suspension, lighter weight

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