AC – Zakspeed Escort MK2 GR.5 DRM Update v0.5.1

Assetto Corsa Zakspeed

Zakspeed Escort MK2 GR.5

Assetto Corsa Zakspeed Escort MK2 GR.5 DRM Update v0.5.1

Sovers released V0.5.1 of his Zakspeed Escort MK2 GR.5 DRM for Assetto Corsa. While this is a very small update, it is a rather important one. V0.5.1 fixes the compatibility issues with the latest update of Assetto Corsa.

As a bonus, Sovers also included a new skin representing the green/red 1980 Zakspeed Escort MK2 Div.II driven by Wolfgang Boller.


Sovers is encouraging you to delete all previous versions of the Zakspeed Escort MK2 mod before installing V0.5.1

Alpha 0.5.1 Changelog:


  • New skin: Boller_58
  • New preview pictures


  • Compatibility fix with AC 1.1.5
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