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Acontour Racing

The Sim Racing hobby is all about the driving isn’t it? Well, not entirely. For many community members out there, building and customizing a dedicated racing rig is a big part of the process. Some take it so far that it becomes something we can call a lifestyle.

While customizing a dedicated sim racing setup, can be all about the functionality factor, there is also the esthetical side of the build. Most high-end peripheral manufacturers try their best to make their products visually pleasing, realising that it can make or break a sale.

The Acontour Racing company based near Hamburg Germany, takes the visual design of your sim racing rig one step further.

Acontour Racing is founded and owned by passionate “simracer” Hendrik Alberts. Amongst other activities, Acontour Racing designs and produces spectacular custom racing seat designs for the real and sim racing world.

If you are looking for a unique racing seat design for personal use, a sim racing team, a racing center, for branding and advertising purposes, or even for use in your real car, Acontour Racing can help you to get your ideas realized.

Whether you prefer a wrapped, painted, or airbrushed design, Acontour Racing can turn your imagination into a reality, both designing and producing a high-quality racing seat livery. Below, you can check out some stunning examples selected from the large portfolio of well-known Acontour Racing partners.

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Acontour Racing Ferrari Design


Category A – € 450 – 520

Simple basic design with a few colors, mostly straight lines, lettering with simple fonts, no effect colors, chrome or neon. Including 1 hour of design planning. Optional costs not included

Category B – € 520-590

Designs with more elaborate lines and shapes with digitized elements, simple sponsor branding, matt or gloss, chrome and neon. Including design planning 1.5 hours. Optional costs not included.

Category C – € 590 – Depending on the amount of work

Digital foil design, with various effects. Metallic, 3D applications chrome, complex digitized logos, including design planning 2 hours. Optional costs not included

Category D – On Request

Very elaborate lacquered design with various effects, many color gradients, all effects, 3D, airbrush, elaborate sponsor logos, complex name lettering, matt or glossy finish. Design planning 5-6 hours. Optional costs not included


  • Creation and digitization of your own designs: 79 € / hour.
  • Creation of a 3D animation to illustrate the final  design, one-time € 69 (will be credited to the purchase price upon purchase)
  • Digitizing your own logos per piece: € 26.50
  • Foil logos white / black / color per logo approx. € 2.50
  • Individual start number field/design one-time creation costs 29 €
Acontour Racing Lamborghini Design

How do they do it…

Step 1: Contact Acontour Racing

  • by email, Facebook, or WhatsApp with a rough description of the design
  • Schedule and cost forecast within 3 working days
  • Ordering by the customer

Step 2: Design Planning Begins

  • (about 2-3 weeks before production)
  • Your sketches and suggestions will be viewed
  • Sending out the first computer graphics according to your wishes

Step 3: Correction Phase

  • The positioning of logos, Names, and patterns
  • Details, fine-tuning and final adjustments

Step 4: Production Process

  • (pure production time approx. 10-14 working days)
  • Acontour Racing will discuss the final details and colors with you
  • Production begins
  • Acontour Racing will send photos of the progress of production

Step 5: Shipping

  • Email you with the last photo and invoice
  • The seat will be sent to you after payment with the shipping service provider

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