Alien Racing edition Sim Pedals Review By AussieStig

Alien Racing edition Sim Pedals Review By AussieStig

We already took a quick look at the Alien Gaming pedals bundle. Now AussieStig presents his in-depth review of the Alien “Racing edition” Sim Pedals.

AssieStig goes through the process of unboxing, taking a detailed look at each pedal, assembling, installing, and adjusting the pedals on his Playseat / D-BOX test rig. Then moving on to a Talk & Drive session and ultimately his final thoughts on these Sim Alien pedals.
As a bonus, AussieStig takes the mighty Mercedes Sauber Group C car for a spin at the Kyalami circuit.

The Alien “Racing” pedal bundle is available via the official website for €619,00 + shipping. Alien pedals come with a 1-year warranty and provide pedal servicing and customer support in case of malfunctions.

Included in the box:

  • Throttle pedal
  • Brake pedal
  • Clutch pedal
  • 5mm Baseplate with 10 mounting holes (see product page for details)
  • 2mm Heel rest (see product page for more information)
  • Long throttle pedal face 
  • Stiffer throttle spring
  • Stiffer brake spring
  • Stiffer clutch spring
  • 3 custom soft polyurethane bushings (preinstalled)
  • 3 custom medium polyurethane bushings
  • 3 custom hard polyurethane bushings
  • 2m USB cable
  • 0.5m Jack-Jack cable (2pcs)
  • Bolts, Washers, and nuts
  • Tools for adjustments
  • Small and big Alien badges for better luck

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