Amazing V8 Engine Themed PC Build

iGaming V8 Engine Themed PC Build

These days PC gaming and Sim Racing in particular are about far more than just the actual racing. While for some the eSports aspect or casual driving sessions are more than satisfying, for others the whole petrolhead/sim racing hobby becomes nothing less than a lifestyle.

Those who make the hobby a lifestyle often start out with basic customizations of existing hardware, leading to custom build racing setups, custom paints, and sometimes dedicated sim racing rooms. On the other hand, however impressive your racing gear or sim racing room might be, the heart of the entire project will always be the old trusty PC system running all the sim software.

Needless to say, you can spend a lot of money beefing up the specs of your PC system, and most sim racers will do just that when the sim racing virus kicks in. That said, when building a dedicated PC for sim racing the majority of sim racers do not seem to bother when it comes to the aesthetics of the old PC case.

There are exceptions as in some cases we have seen a blend of the sim racing and PC case modding hobby resulting in spectacular PC cases with racing-themed liveries, cases with integrated diecast models, key ignition start buttons, and onboard car gauges to visualize the PC temperatures, Power consumption, CPU/GPU, and the like.

Now the iGaming computer store in Curridabat, Costa Rica took that idea to a whole new level building a custom PC that resembles a V8 Musclecar engine.

While I don’t have any background info regarding the details, specs, or price of the build, the photos are defiantly worth sharing with you all. I will let the pictures do the talking, as this build is nothing less than a piece of art.

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