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ARC_Team and Hexathron Racing Systems join forces.


ARC_Team is known for their high quality custom build Sim Racing Hardware.  True the years they developed a wide variety of products. Steering Wheels, Pedals, Shifters and handbrakes, to name a few.
Besides the development of hardware, ARC_Team also runs a Development and Training Center for racing drivers, and rents out Pro simulators for training and promotional events.

Today ARC_Team announces a new collaboration with Hexathron Racing Systems. Both companies will combine their experience and skill to create a new technology center to benefit the Italian motorsport scene.

Mark Calovolo ( Hexathron Racing Systems ) : “The joint venture with ARC_Team Hexathron Racing Systems represents a fundamental step to consolidate and expand its business of motorsport engineering. The skills acquired by our companies will be not only complementary but represent a new point of reference of the working method to be followed to set up and manage innovative projects in the field of motorsport . With this project we hope also to contribute to strengthening the excellence of ‘ Made in Italy ‘ in competitions. “

Marco Calovolo of HRS, who is currently a technical partner of the LADA Sport team in the WTCC Lukoil, and ARC_Team´s Andrea Rossetti will use the F1Driving Vision Training Simulator to promote the use of simulators within the real world racing scene. The Simulator can be a valuable tool for development, engineering and technical consulting.

Andrea Rossetti ( ARC_Team ) : “The important partnership with Hexathron Racing Systems for ARC_Team is a recognition of the great work done over the years , where we offered the job to the simulator to drivers and teams in different categories and found always very positive opinions . This brand new technology center is a new course that , thanks to the skills with each other, will lead to a higher-level products and services supplied in reality related to motorsport and automotive in the world , allowing also to build new professionals at 360 °.


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