Ascher Racing C26 Button Plate Available

Ascher Racing C26 Button Plate Available


Ascher Racing C26 Button Plate Available

The last few years, German engineer and avid sim racer Martin Ascher has made a name for himself building high-standard sim racing equipment for the sim and real racing market. At this year’s Sim Racing Expo at the Nürburgring, Martin announced that he was working on a new button plate. The Ascher Racing C26 Button Plate is now available for purchase.

This new high-end C26 button plate is crafted out of premium quality carbon fiber and black anodized aluminum. It features 6 high-grade push buttons, 2 toggle switches (2-way), and 2 multifunctional joysticks with 7 inputs each. Ascher Racing also fitted the C26 with 2 additional button inputs for future use.

Furthermore, the C26 button plate is equipped with carbon paddle shifters which are operated using magnetic snap action contacts. To make sure the paddle shifters suit your needs, Ascher Racing lets you choose out of 6 different paddle styles. Last but not least, the C26 can also be fitted with an optional master & slave clutch configuration.

The Ascher Racing C26 Button Plate is on sale at the Ascher Racing Webstore for €579.00 (inc. VAT).


High-quality materials

  • carbon fiber (premium quality, made in Germany)
  • aluminum, black anodized
  • CNC machined in Germany

26 premium inputs

  • 6 x Knitter MPS 103 F push button
  • 2 x Knitter MTA 106 G toggle switch (2-way)
  • 2 x multifunctional joysticks (7 inputs each)
  • Paddle Shifters 
  • dual clutch paddle system incl. bite point calibration (optional)
  • 2 additional button inputs prepared (e.g. to connect Sparco P310 buttons)

multifunctional joysticks

  • 4 directional inputs (up / down / left / right)
  • 2 encoder inputs (rotate left / rotate right)
  • 1 push button
  • knurled aluminum knob

paddle shifters

  • download template to choose paddles
  • precise and strong magnetic snap action
  • requires force to overcome movement
  • after initial movement, force decreases rapidly
  • no more missed or double shifts
  • for strength adjustment, see weaker magnets

Ascher Racing C26 Paddles

optional dual clutch paddle system

  • master & slave clutch configuration
  • bit-point calibration via potentiometer
  • ideal for mastering standing starts
  • for more details, see clutch paddles


  • 70mm bolt pattern
  • ergonomic design
  • equipped with two large aluminum button guards
  • additional button guards can be swapped “on-the-fly”
  • quick adjustments, without the need to open the casing
  • slidable shifter plate with two mounting options
  • clutch travel as well as ergonomic adjustments
  • two mounting options for paddles
  • for additional adjustments, see aluminum sleeves
  • reliable industrial cable gland
  • highly flexible coiled USB cable (> 400mm / 16” coiled length)
  • GND connector cable installed
  • bolts, locknuts, and washers included (to assemble wheel rim, button plate, and quick release)

matching wheel rims:

  • Sparco P300
  • Sparco R353
  • Sparco Mugello
  • OMP Superquadro
  • Momo Mod 30
  • Momo Mod 31
  • Momo JET Black
  • Fanatec GT
  • RMD 320

In case of a non-listed wheel get in touch for a compatibility check.

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