Ascher Racing Push-Pull Sequential Paddle Shifter

Ascher Racing Push-Pull Sequential Paddle Shifter


Ascher Racing Push-Pull Sequential Paddle Shifter

The last few years, German engineer and avid sim racer Martin Ascher has made a name for himself building high-standard sim racing equipment for the sim and real racing market.

Recently, Ascher Racing introduced the new magnetic snap action push-pull sequential paddle shifter which let you experience gear shifting like a real rally car driver. With a push-pull sequential paddle shifter mounted to the sim racing rig or wheelbase, the driver is able to shift gears without removing his hands from the wheel rim. This has proven very handy for racing vehicles which require a lot of steering input, such as a rally or drift car.

The magnetic snap action, combined with a very stiff design and selection of materials provides a super precise shift feeling. The actuation force can be set in 6 steps for a wide range from about 5N to 15N (“0.5kg – 1.5kg” / “1.1lbf – 3.4lbf”).

Ascher Racing also supplies an optional mounting bracket which lets you mount the shifter to a selection of OSW products and the Fanatec CSW. (OSW MiGE, OSW AKM, OSW Lenze, Fanatec CSW) Furthermore, there are also connection cables available for an external USB controller such as the (e.g. Heusinkveld pedals), SimuCUBE (X12 port), and Fanatec CSW (SHIFTER2 port).

Pricing: 199.00 € – 209.00 € (inc. VAT) + Shipping

Product Description

  • push-pull sequential shifter
  • magnetic snap action – enhanced driver feedback to avoid missed shifts
  • high strength anodized automotive aluminum
  • external USB controller required (not for Fanatec CSW)
  • non-silent operation – shift sound depending on the operation force
  • made in Germany


  • Rally cars where the wheel rim is turned a lot
  • sequential cars – no need to remove the hand from the wheel to make gear shifts

Paddles Available

  • small – 4mm carbon fiber – 159mm span
  • large – 5mm carbon fiber – 198mm span

Adjustable snap action force

  • 6 possible magnet combinations
  • 300% force range from 5N to 15N (measured at the tip of the paddle)

Parts included

  • aluminium push-pull Rally shifter
  • carbon fiber paddle
  • 10mm aluminium paddle spacers
  • paddle mounting bolts

Keep in mind that the mounting bracket to attach the shifter to your sim chassis is NOT included.

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