Asetek SimSports – Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedals – The Interview

Asetek SimSports - Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedals - The Interview

A few days ago, the Danish Asetek company introduced its upcoming Invicta Direct Drive wheelbase. Now the company is back with another product promo.

Back in 2020, Asetek announced a licensing, marketing, and product deal with exclusive hypercar brand Pagani Automobili, in order to develop a number of upcoming custom-design limited editions of Pagani-licensed SimRacing products within the premium racing simulator market.

Now Asetek founder André Eriksen, and Horacio Pagani, Founder and Chief Designer of Pagani Automobili S.p.A introduced the Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedals, modeled after the pedal unit featured in the amazing Pagani Hyuara R track car.

The pedal arms and footplates on the Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedal Set are based on the exact design used in the hypercar itself, with just a few tweaks to fit it for sim racing use. The provided elastomer is designed to give the feel of the Huayra R’s brake pedal, using Asetek SimSports’ T.H.O.R.P.™ brake system (Twin Hydraulic Opposing Rapid Pistons).

The hydraulic sim racing pedals are plug&play out of the box using the Asetek SimSports RaceHub™ software. Also, RaceHub enables quick and easy customization of the pedal settings as well as the configurable ARGB feature.

The Asetek SimSports Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedal set is available via the official Asetek web store for €2,032.80 VAT included + Shipping.



  • Italian design and Danish engineering, unified
  • Pedal arms and footplates based on real-life Pagani Huayra R track car
  • Adjustable pedal stops and travel settings 
  • All black anodized aluminum pedal base, pedal arms, and pedal plates, with CNC machined contrast cut surfaces 
  • Pedal base with integrated heel rest and RGB LED that can be adjusted, dimmed, or turned completely off in the RaceHub™ software 
  • Adjustable pedal plates that can be moved along the x- and y-axis  
  • All adjustable mechanical features are by default colored gold  
  • Made in Denmark 
  • Sustainable manufacturing with 100% on-site re-use of waste material 
  • Tried and tested for hundreds of hours by real-world Formula and GT drivers and sim racing pros. Lifetime tested in automated mechanical rigs for a million activations
  • Only one USB connection to the PC from the pedal base

Brake System:

  • Unique Twin Hydraulic Opposing Rapid Piston (T.H.O.R.P.™) brake  system which provides a rock-hard brake pedal to mimic the feel of the Pagani Huayra R, including 2-stage racecar braking with minimum pedal travel
  • Die-cast aluminum zero play pedal arm with integrated long durability ball bearings and bronze bushing at the clevis rotation point 
  • Made from forged aluminum 
  • Automotive-grade pressure sensor 
  • The in-house designed brake cylinder features sleek CNC machined details, adding to the exquisite overall look
  • Three interchangeable elastomers for adjustment of hardness combined with an integrated physical stop and an expansion chamber to mimic perfect racecar feel as well as not overloading the elastomer 
  • Manually adjustable initial touch hardness to mimic perfect brake pad to brake disc distance 
  • Pressure sensor measures 0-100 bar – tested to withstand a repetitive pressure of 100 bar (seal burst pressure 130 bar) 
  • 100 bar of pressure equals 180 kg of force on the face of the pedal plate 
  • Pedal arm designed for 200 kg of force and a burst pressure of up to 700 kg! 

Throttle System:

  • Die-cast aluminum zero play pedal arm with integrated long durability ball bearings and bronze bushing at the clevis rotation point.  
  • 16-bit magnetic wireless hall TPS (throttle position sensor) with no mechanical wear and zero maintenance 
  • Adjustable pedal hardness, pedal travel, and pedal stop 
  • Interchangeable spring for bigger step in pedal hardness 
  • Pedal arm designed for 200 kg of force and a burst pressure of up to 700 kg! 


  • Pagani tailored RaceHub™ software that enables quick and easy customization of the pedal settings 
  • Calibrations made in RaceHub™ will automatically be saved in our EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory). This results in calibration (pressures, dead zones, and more) that will be saved for every simulator/game (you need do to set 0 and 100% values in the game). 
  • Inhouse developed electronics with 16-bit resolution and automotive-grade pressure sensor  
  • Each pedal can be calibrated through the intuitive and easy-to-use RaceHub™ software 
  • Pedal upper and lower dead zones can be set through the RaceHub™ software 
  • Custom throttle curves can be adjusted and 100% customized in the RaceHub™ Software to mimic a real racecar butterfly opening. For example, a linear curve in dry conditions and a progressive in wet conditions 
  • Customizable and configurable ARGB lighting that can be controlled with the RaceHub™ software or turned off   
  • Download RaceHub™ here


  • Depth, width, and height: 457 mm x 212 mm x 256 mm 
  • Weight: 3 kg

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About Asetek

Asetek (ASTK.OL), a global leader in mechatronic innovation, is a Danish garage-to-stock-exchange success story. Founded in 2000, Asetek established its innovative position as the leading OEM developer and producer of the all-in-one liquid cooler for all major PC & Enthusiast gaming brands. In 2013, Asetek went public while expanding into energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly cooling solutions for data centers. In 2021, Asetek is introducing its line of products for next-level immersive SimSports gaming experiences. Asetek is headquartered in Denmark and has operations in China, Taiwan , and the United States. 

About Pagani Automobili S.p.A.

Pagani Automobili S.p.A. is an Italian Hypercar manufacturer. The company was founded in 1998 by Horacio Pagani and is based in San Cesario sul Panaro, Modena, Italy. The philosophy driving the company embraces a concept borrowed from the Renaissance and embodied by the great Leonardo da Vinci who, over 500 years ago, once stated: “Art and Science are disciplines that must walk together hand in hand.” Pagani Automobili creates in accordance with this inspirational creed, combining technique and taste, functionality and aesthetics, handcraft work, and technological know-how.

Pagani Automobili