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Assetto Corsa Alfa Romeo Licence Announced

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Assetto Corsa Alfa Romeo

Assetto Corsa Alfa Romeo Official Licence Announced

Kunos Simulazioni announced that the Italian Alfa Romeo brand will be added to the Assetto Corsa car line-up. A while ago the Kunos team ran a poll, to see what cars would be favored by the Assetto Corsa community. One of the most requested brands was Alfa Romeo. So Kunos kept word.

At this time three models have been officially announced to appear in the v1.0 Assetto Corsa simulator. The vintage Alfa Romeo GTA road car, that is also widely used in classic races, The modern 4C two-seater sportscar that is build in the Maserati Factory, and the world famous 1993 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI DTM race car. Kunos Simulazioni states that there will be more Assetto Corsa Alfa Romeo models unveiled soon.

For more info you can visit the dedicated thread at the Assetto Corsa official support forum.

The Assetto Corsa Early Access Beta can be purchased for 34,95€ on Steam –

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Assetto Corsa Alfa Romeo
  Assetto Corsa Alfa Romeo