Assetto Corsa Competizione – Hotfix v1.7.4 Deployed

Assetto Corsa Competizione

ACC Screenshot by D.Jankovic

Kunos Simulazioni has deployed hotfix v1.7.4 for the Assetto Corsa Competizione racing simulator. The update includes a small number of fixes and improvements for various aspects of the game.

Refresh your Steam client in order to get the update.

Credit: Included ACC Screenshot by D.Jankovic.

v1.7.4 changelog


  • Fixed a tyre allocation error in certain 2020 BOP groups.
  • Tweaks to the heat and camber thrust sensitivity of the wet tyre compound.
  • Fixed total fuel ignoring BOP fuel cell limits when refueling on a non-empty tank.
  • Added shared memory items for track grip status, rain level, and forecast.
  • The status enumerators represent stages (and not exact values), and correspond with the UI widget icons and readouts.
    The old quantified surfaceGrip item is now null and obsolete.
    More information in the Shared Memory documentation.


  • AI now makes strategic decisions in FP sessions too.
  • Fixed an error with AI pit time calculation with unscheduled pitstops.
  • FP session length maximized at 60 minutes in Championship mode to be consistent with regular SP.
  • Fixed all marshals waving the checkered flag at Donington.
  • Widget formation: row offset increase to remove the potential advantage of the outside lane on certain racetracks.


  • Server list: corrected “no mid-race join” indicator – requires upcoming server update to be fully functional.
  • HUD: weather widget visible even when viewing opponents.
  • HUD: weather widget permanently visible on TAB leaderboard page.
  • HUD: fuel selector in pitstop MFD page now has a slower acceleration through values when left/right held down.
  • HUD options page: the margin selectors now accelerate faster through values when left/right held down.

The PC version of the game is available via Steam for 39,99€.

Official Webpage –

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