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Assetto Corsa Competizione – New Hotfixes Deployed

Assetto Corsa Competizione - New Hotfixes Deployed

Assetto Corsa Competizione – New Hotfixes Deployed

4 days ago, Kunos Simulazioni deployed Update Release 6 of their Assetto Corsa Competizione Early Access version, which is the last update of the Early Access roadmap before the release of the V1.0 full game.

As with most game updates, deploying fresh content and new features can introduce a number of new issues. However, Kunos got straight to work and released a list of hotfixes to tackle the problems.

IMPORTANT NOTE for Oculus Rift users: we recommend launching the game by-passing Steam VR, adding “-vr” to Steam launch options for ACC in order to avoid possible performance issues and stuttering.

ACC VR fix

v0.6.2 Changelog

  • Fixed wrong first lap time when start-finish line is crossed before the green light.
  • Fixed AI erratic speeds during formation lap.- Added lumirank update in the replay.
  • Enabled detailed animations in onboard cameras.
  • Added session over message for qualifying/practice.
  • Improved AI pace at Monza and Nurburgring.
  • Added intermediate solution to run the formation sequence in Multiplayer. Overtakes may happen, but enables the controlled formation sequence.
  • Fixed protocol mismatch on the rating backend, resulting in wrong data.
  • Fixed SA Rating working in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed RC Rating preventing data being stored in Multiplayer.
  • NOTE: Due to incompatibilities with the data, the Rating Profiles will be reset again.
  • Fixed end-sequence in Multiplayer: spotter announcement, checkered flags and so on will now be correctly triggered.
  • Fixed formation sequence not starting when the leader is in the pits.
  • Fixed rare crash in the Multiplayer server, possibly also crashing connected clients.
  • Fixed races not showing time gaps in Multiplayer races.
  • Fixed tyres not being correctly selected based on dynamic weather conditions along with the setup.
  • Added “Official Test Server” opened for experimental features and testing. See the official support forum.
  • Fixed search and password text input issues in VR.

v0.6.1 Changelog

  • Added rear-view camera display in Lamborghini Huracán GT3.
  • Consistent mirror resolution in all cars.
  • Fixed ghost car not working in some instances.
  • Ghost car now has a more stable render.
  • Fixed replay highlights increasing with longer sessions.
  • Fix to mirror resolution default. – NOTE: defaults to intended default resolution (MID) without changing anything. The EPIC setting is now eliminated. No action required from the user.
  • Added precision timer to MP.
  • Fix to false-positive DQ resulting from teleporting to pits.
  • Fixed standings widget not updating total player count.
  • Fixed driving camera resetting after entering and leaving the pause menu.
  • Fixed both Nissan’s’ setup ECU values, now start from 1.
  • Fixed potential issue with road effects settings not loading properly.
  • Race communication durations edited for important messages.
  • Race results now show gaps to the leader.
  • AI skill and aggressiveness sliders remember last set values across game modes. NOTE: AI values will reset after initial launch so pay attention when playing for the first time.
  • Informative help snippets added when selecting each graphics setting.

Update 4.3.19

  • In case of performance issues, first of all, we recommend wiping AC2 and ACC folders in AppData/Local and Documents, respectively. Then we even recommend a full reinstall, especially with VR. Then, Mirrors Resolution is extremely heavy, I personally don’t recommend going over MID (also try to turn them off). Temporal Upsampling and Volumetric Fog are to be disabled in VR, make sure you do that too.
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