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Assetto Corsa Console Trailer and PC Update 1.5.5

 Assetto Corsa Console Trailer

Assetto Corsa Console Trailer and PC Update 1.5.5

Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games published a brand new trailer called “Engineered to Perfection” to promote its upcoming console release of Assetto Corsa. This release will be classified in the gaming history books as the first dedicated racing simulator to have appeared on the Console platforms.

They also have released a small patch for the PC version of the sim fixing some issues that popped up after the recently V1.5 update was deployed. The patch also included a selection of track and AI improvements.

Assetto Corsa is available at the official Assetto Corsa Steam page. for 39,99€.


Patch 1.5.6 was now released on Steam.

  • Fixed the issues with black mirrors on several cars
  • Fixed LaFerrari digital instrument dummy
  • Fixed the tyre texture on several cars
  • Tyre App customizable colors (system/cfg/tyres_app.ini)

AC 1.5.5 Changelog

  • MODDING: BRAKE_POWER_MULT setup option is now correctly expressed in % and can be used for modded content
  • Fixed typo on Lotus 98T soft compound slip angle value
  • Fixed Lotus 98T engine limiter sound for higher rev limiter than default
  • Fixed bad naming on Lotus Exos S1 medium and hard heat curves
  • Modified Drift cars steering lock.
  • Bugfixing and optimization on Imola, Silverstone, Vallelunga, Spa, Black Cat County circuits
  • Improved smoothness of AI driving style
  • Improved collisions in multiplayer
  • Improved AI fuel planning strategies
  • Fixed tatuusfa1 at Vallelunga hardcoded achievement
  • Added bonnet and bumper internal/external sound switch on Volume App


  • Fixed motion blur on F6 cameras
  • Added support for Fahrenheit readings in Tyres App. (set system/cfg/tyres_app.ini [OPTIONS] USE_FAHRENHEIT=1)
  • Fixed Corvette C7 Stingray Throttle response and Engine output on low revs
  • Some balance of Performance for Ferrari 458 GT2, more might needed
  • BMW GT2 and C7R now have Traction control available with different levels as the 458 GT2. Obviously can be disabled by server.- S
  • Steering geometry improved for drift cars as well some small details here and there.
  • Fixed Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 Kers exceeding engine revlimiter- slick tyre texture bug fixed on various racing cars
  • low-res skin previews fixed


  • Fixed Barcelona requiring wrong DLC to start
  • Lotus Evora S and S2 model and digital script updated
  • Lotus Evora GTE and GTE Carbon model and digital script updated- Ferrari 458GT2 model, lights and digital script updated
  • BMW M4 dash light tweaked
  • Abarth 595 (stock, S1, S2) dash light tweaked
  • added template 2016_driver in dev
  • added old driver model in sdk/dev/content/old_v1.4_driver


  • Fixed car reset to pits in wrong way happening even with penalities off- Fixed crash on 32bit version when using TyreApp
  • Fixed track map for Nordschleife Endurance Cup
  • Possible fix for audio related crash in Brands Hatch and Silverstone


  • Fixed wrong export on Spa