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Assetto Corsa Console Update coming

Assetto Corsa Console Update Info

AC Console update

AC Console update  AC Console update

Assetto Corsa Console Update coming

Here is one we had overlooked. Kunos Simulazioni has posted a new community blog concerning the Assetto Corsa console versions for the Xbox One and PS4.

In their latest blog, Kunos Simulazioni announced that later this month they will release the next major Assetto Corsa console version update. Besides the usual fixes and improvements, the new patch will also resolve the much talked about framerate and screen tearing issues, and will also introduce a re-balanced AI strength and an option to select 2 additional difficulty levels.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will also be delighted to hear that the popular Black Cat County track will be made available for free as part of the coming update.

Console update features:

  • Framerate will be smoother and screen tearing issues have been resolved.
  • Players will be able to select their starting position in the race options screen.
  • On launching Assetto Corsa, the game will recognize the device you are using, when selecting the ‘X’ (PlayStation 4) or ‘A’ (Xbox One) button in the start screen.
  • Thrustmaster T80, T100 and TH8 shifter functionality has improved.
  • A new option which allows the player to set the visual steering lock to any degree is coming.
  • 2 additional difficulty levels – ‘Very Easy’ and ‘Very Hard’.
  • AI strengths have been re-balanced, in response to community feedback.


The Kunos development team will publish the full list of improvements, fixes, and features in due course.

It becomes clear that Kunos Simulazioni is committed to bring the console version up to standard with its PC counterpart. As it was with the PC version, it might take some time and effort but we are confident that eventually all the initial teething problems will be addressed.

In their own words, the Assetto Corsa v1.0 Console release was just the start of a long-term project. The development team will continue to build on these foundations, making Assetto Corsa the definitive racing simulator on the console platforms.

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