Assetto Corsa – Donington Park National Circuit 1.06 Released

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Doninkton Park AC

AC – Donington Park National Circuit 1.06 Released

Brun released version 1.06 of the Donington Park National Circuit for Assetto Corsa. The track is fully AI tested and confirmed to work in both qualifying and race mode using a full grid.

Donington Park is a motorsport circuit near Castle Donington in Leicestershire, England. Donington was the first permanent park circuit in the Uk. The 4.020 km GP has 12 turns, while the National circuit is 3.149 km long and has 10 turns. The track has hosted a selection of International motorsport series such as the Formula One, WTCC and MotoGP to name a few.


You can follow the progress of the mod at the official Assetto Corsa Forum.


Version 1.06

  • Fixed glitch between track and kerb exiting Goddards
  • Checked entire track for similar problems and fixed where necessary
  • Initial release of National Circuit.

Version 1.05

  • Fixed problem near pit exit which caused collisions for cars with very low ground clearance
  • Tweaked shaders for less contrast between ambient and direct light
  • Added much more trackside detail

Version 1.04

  • Increased pit places to 24 which should allow a full grid in multiplayer*
  • Textured remaining buildings
  • Made cones and corner markers physics objects
  • Optimised resolution and bit depth of textures where appropriate
  • Improved models for all tyre barriers
  • Added trackside objects, vehicles and marshals etc.
  • Added LOD settings for performance improvements

Version 1.03

  • Fixed the pitlane issue so people running with penalties enabled won’t be limited to 50kph
  • Changed the sectors so they’re distributed more evenly around the track. Can’t remember where I got the locations for the original ones but think they may have been for the National circuit. Also made sure the objects for the splits (and start/finish line) are outside the track boundaries so it should no longer be possible to miss them.
  • Added a background/horizon object and texture. Looks much better for it, although it probably needs tweaking cos it looks a bit too mountainous from some replay cameras.
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