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Assetto Corsa – Furia-Lamborghini in-game footage

Furia Lambo ingame footage

Assetto Corsa – Furia-Lamborghini in-game footage

Sovers posted some new in-game footage of his Furia-Lamborghini modding project for Assetto Corsa. We can watch the Furia-Lamborghini in a fierce battle with the XJ13 and the GT40.

Keep in mind that the video shows us a work in progress and does not represent the final release version.

The Furia-Lamborghini is a custom car build Sportscar by Toni Bianco who was an Italian living in Brazil. The Furia or Fury in Italian is one of a series of five hand build sportscars that were powered by a selection of different engines. The V12 Lamborghini Miura engine that powered this particular car was salvaged from Tony Bianco’s street Lamborghini Miura after a crash.

Official Webpage –  – Check out more Furia Lambo previews on Bsimracing.


Assetto Corsa Furia-Lamborghini  Assetto Corsa Furia-Lamborghini

Assetto Corsa Furia-Lamborghini  Assetto Corsa Furia-Lamborghini