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Assetto Corsa is one of the most anticipated racing games of 2013. Will not only be an accurate simulation and realistic, but will also allow less experienced players to have deep and rewarding gameplay experience , a bit ‘as it happens with Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport.

“It will be absolutely open to a wide range of users” , he told Marco Massarutto , Production Director Assetto Corsa. “From the point of view of difficulty driving, operating stability control, traction, automatic transmission and so away, allows you to adjust the model to guide their own needs and preferences, also depending on the controller used, whether it’s the keyboard, gamepad or steering wheel and pedals. The difference is not in the dynamic model of the car: that is, the dynamic model is not becomes “arcade” or some kind of simulation by changing parameters.’m driving assistance systems to become more or less invasive, depending on the ability of the pilot to make the car controllable, obviously within certain limits ” .

Version 1.0 of Assetto Corsa will include several cars as Abarth 500 SS, BMW 1M, BMW M3, BMW Z4, Ferrari 458 Italy, Ferrari F40, Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione, Ferrari P4 / 5 Competizione, KTM X-Bow R, Lotus Elan, Lotus Evora, Lotus Elise, Lotus Exige, Lotus 49, McLaren MP4-12C, Pagani Zonda R, Pagani Huayra and Tatuus FA01.

The circuits already announced are: Imola, Monza, Magione, Mugello, Silverstone and Vallelunga. But after the launch Kunos release two DLC, both free of charge for those who will pre-order the game. About two months after the launch will be released the first DLC, the Bonus Pack 1 that will contain Spa-Francorchamps and some cars. The first DLC will be followed by a DLC “historic”, with circuits and historic cars, Historic Pack 1 .

Assetto Corsa then include a ‘ structured career mode with different types of racing and a progression that will allow players to unlock new cars as they face the races. In addition to the career mode, there is a free play mode where the player can freely set races, events, practice, etc., and use all the available cars, regardless of the breakouts of his career. Then there are the so-called special events : a series of predefined events, which will be updated online over time. And then the modding theme , to access the mod installed as if they were separate games.

“From the point of view of the driving, drag racing, drift, time attack, quick race, race weekend, career mode, and special events should meet all the requirements, by those who love to work on the setup of the car , to those who want to have fun driving game mode with immediate and fun. Same goes for the choice of the car: the GT road to the GTR, from single-seaters to prototypes, there really will be spoiled for choice ” , continues Massarutto .

“With regard to the types of controllers used, keyboard and joypad will not simply devices” compatible “with Assetto Corsa, but will be managed in such a way as to make the driving experience enjoyable and fun.”

And there will also endurance races? We are still defining the thing, to see if there is time in version 1.0 to solve certain problems , answers Massarutto.

We asked the Production Director Kunos Simulations also an update on the work and what areas still require the rework. He replied: “There is one aspect that every day is not modified to optimize or improve it. We are still completing some cars, and every new model leads to improving both the techniques of modeling and optimization of the polygons, shaders and materials, that the management of parameters of physics, sound effects and so on. This evolution is then shown on vehicles already completed, to ensure a high level of quality for all models in the game. “

“In terms of features and content, development is almost completed, after which we will dedicate ourselves to a massive testing that will lead to the release.”

At this point we could not ask for clarification on the release date : “I’d rather not say too much on this point: as you may know, Assetto Corsa will be released on Steam. These days we are carrying out all the necessary legal and commercial initiatives, and we are begin the process of integration of Assetto Corsa on their platform. Until we know for sure how many and what problems this entails, it is difficult to give an estimate, because some problems are beyond our control. Yet in the next few weeks we should be able to define and announce the release date, together with the start of the pre-order “.

In short, very little seems to be lacking in these important announcements. Assetto Corsa has been approved by the community of Steam through the program Green Light , and this is to say that there is much interest on the digital platform from Valve, and that it is making arrangements with the manufacturer to the final distribution of the game.

Presumably, the release will take place between the months of September and October , while details on other tracks should be revealed soon, when you open the pre-order.

Assetto Corsa promises to be a real simracing new generation. The editors of Gamemag fibrillation is ahead of the launch. We can not wait to try a simulation directly driving extremely promising and completely made in Italy.

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