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Assetto Corsa – Helicorsa Radar App

Assetto Corsa HeliCorsa

Assetto Corsa – Helicorsa Radar App

Overtaking cars in a simulator can be somewhat dangerous for your gaming experience. Users who are racing with only one screen, or users that have their mirrors disabled due to performance issues can be a hazard to their competitors and themselves.

To overcome this problem, Minolin started to design an Assetto Corsa plugin that will easily warn you when plowing through some traffic, or have some cars closing in on your blind side. This App represents a little radar showing you an aerial perspective to enable you to see what’s going on around your car.



Since v4 there are two versions available. A classic version and an extended version with more features.

  • Download the zip file of your want at the end of this post. Extract/unzip the content to your
  • Extract/unzip the content to your Assetto Corsa folder. e.g. in Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa
  • The content will extract itself to app\python\helicorsa (for the app) and content\gui\icons (for the icons). You can overwrite older version without a problem.
  • Start Assetto Corsa and enable the ‘Helicorsa’ app in the settings/general:
  • Once in the driver seat you will find the app in the AC Sidebar.
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