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Assetto Corsa – Impressive Modding Projects By Ilja Jusupov AKA X4FAB   

Assetto Corsa - Impressive Modding Projects By Ilja Jusupov   

Assetto Corsa – Impressive Modding Projects By Ilja Jusupov AKA X4FAB

It is safe to say that Assetto Corsa by Kunos Simulazioni has been, or maybe still is, one of the most successful sim racing titles of the last few years. Now that the Assetto Corsa development cycle has come to an end, and Kunos Simulazioni is working on the new Assetto Corsa Competizione racing game, we did expect to see the community to slowly lose interest in the original AC title.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The original Assetto Corsa title is still one of the most popular online racers out there. While most of the community members were more than grateful for the amazing work done by the Assetto Corsa development team, some of the fans were disappointed that certain features never made it to the final version.

For instance, endurance features such as day to night transitions, rain, and changeable weather never made it to the development. Even more so, on a few occasions, Kunos Simulazioni stated that it could not be done without significantly rewriting the game engine. And in all fairness, when we keep in mind that AC is both a PC and Console title which would always be subjected to quality and maintenance obligations, it would probably have been very hard for Kunos to implement these features within the planned business model. But that’s where the moddability of Assetto Corsa now makes a difference.

We know that the sim racing community contains some very creative and talented members who can deliver some pretty amazing content created out of pure passion for the hobby. One of these members is Ilja Jusupov aka x4fab. The last few years, Ilja has been working on some pretty awesome mods for Assetto Corsa including features such as an alternative open-source Content Manager, Custom Showrooms, Custom shaders adding dynamic lights, flexible and damageable tyres, vertex AO, Enhanced AI behavior, real mirrors, and Day to Night transitions.

Currently, Ilja is working on a very impressive Weather FX feature for Assetto Corsa featuring accurate sun, moon and stars movement.

Ilja Jusupov said: I’d say, it’s mostly finished now (for the initial release), all that’s left is to add a few more things for weather to be able to configure, like the brightness of dynamic lights, or auto-exposure parameters. Plus, add replay support, for recording and playing. Might take some time, but most of the stuff is ready now! Including brand new API implementation, working orders of magnitude faster than before on tasks like vectors and colors calculation.


(For PP-filter in this video, I used Inmersive Filter by el_mattpro, very nice one. About winter and autumn look: not sure if this thing would stay, doesn’t really make a lot of sense for racing as well. But I thought it would fit nicely in this video showing sun and moon trajectories.)

You can support Ilja Jusupov via the x4fab Patreon page. Becoming a Patreon will enable Ilja to spend more time working on new projects, and will allow him to add more features to the custom shaders patch. Patreons will also get a key for the AC Content Manager, which will grant you early access to the new features.

Currently, the original Assetto Corsa racing simulator is available via the Steam platform for the unbelievable low price of 9,99€.

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