Assetto Corsa – Paul Ricard Castellet v0.5.2 Released

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Assetto Corsa - Paul Ricard Castellet  Assetto Corsa - Paul Ricard Castellet

Assetto Corsa – Paul Ricard Castellet v0.5.2 Released

Tony.messagers released version 0.5.2 of his scratch build Paul Ricard Castellet HTTT (High Tech Test Track) circuit for Assetto Corsa. Tony is creating the track model with the use of Satelite data, ensuring an accurate layout and correct elevations. In the latest update he implemented a selection of fixes and worked on some compatibility issiues.

The Paul Ricard Circuit is a motorsport race track built in 1969 at Le Castellet, near Marseille. It is regarded as one of the best testing circuits in the world. The track is famous for its 1.8km Mistral straight. The full track is around 3.610 miles (5.8 km) long. The shorter circuit is known as the GP short circuit and is 2.369 miles (3.8 km) long. The track offers 167 possible configurations from 826 to 5,861 metres. Its flexibility and mild winter weather mean that it is used for testing by several motorsport teams, including Formula One teams.

One of the most recognisable features is its black and blue runoff areas that are known as the Blue Zone. The runoff surface consists of a mixture of asphalt and tungsten creating maximum friction when a car goes off-track. The deeper run-off areas are the Red Zone, with a more abrasive surface designed to maximize tyre grip and hence minimize braking distance.


Version History ( Quote) :


-Track and car collisions fixed.
-Now compatible with DX10 graphic cards.
-Memory size optimised.


-Upgraded texture quality and shaders.
-Pitlane upgrade details.
-Sun position changed for summer season.
-“Map Display” from “Robman85” modify.
-Gum-balls added (for testing).
-Tyre tread on track 20% achieved.
-External environment 20% achieved.


-Race at 22 opponents and hotlap Fixed.
-New trees.
-Upgrade texture quality and shaders.
-Pitlane upgrade details.
-Add sector.
-Cameras from “Albert McSaltens”
-Starting grid.
-Gum-balls added (for testing).
-Started external environment.


-Bad version!!! Please update on v0.4.1


-Barriers and Walls 100% achieved.
-Detail track added.
-Pit-lane upgrade details.


-Barriers and Walls 90% achieved.
-Some track parts updated.
-Pit-lane upgrade details.
-Some textures updated
-Bridge added.


-Alls borders lines Red & Blue.
-Some track parts updated.
-Pit-lane upgrade details.
-Pit-lane limiter.
-Chronometer for Hot Lap and Start line.
-Some wall & barrier added.
-Cone removed.


-Alls 3D Kerbs with normal map shaders.
-Some track parts updated.
-Pit-lane upgrade details.

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