Assetto Corsa Red Pack Teasers

Assetto Corsa Red Pack Teasers

RedPack teaser - Maserati 250F

Assetto Corsa – Teasing the Red Pack

There’s no stopping Kunos Simulazioni. After the awesome Porsche Licence announcement, the small iItalian software house is back at work on their next big Assetto Corsa release.

Kunos Simulazioni’s Marco Massarutto and Aristotelis Vasilakos started a new teasing campaign and posted the first preview screens showing us a glimpse of the upcoming Assetto Corsa Red Pack DLC.

The top image shows us the Maserati 250F that raced between 1954 and 1960. This iconic Italian Formula One car competed in 46 Formula One championship races with famous drivers such as Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss behind the wheel.

The second teaser screen shows us the Red Bull Ring, but it’s the DRS sign on the right that draws our attention. It seems Kunos Simulazioni is hinting that a modern Formula One car will be part of the Assetto Corsa Red Pack.

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Assetto Corsa Red Pack Maserati  Assetto Corsa Red Pack Lambo

RedPack teaser - DRS

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