Assetto Corsa – RSR Formula 3 mod V2.0 released

Assetto Corsa RSR Formula 3

RSR Formula 3 mod  RSR Formula 3 mod

Assetto Corsa – RSR Formula 3 mod V2.0 released

The Radiator Springs Racing Modding team has released a new update of their RSR Formula 3 mod for Assetto Corsa.

The popular RSR Formula 3 mod for AC that is based upon the F3 Cup UK is now wearing the V2.0 label. This new update includes a new tyre model that is further tweaked with the help of Omicron Motorsport F3 Cup UK driver Tristan Cliffe.

On the graphics side of things, The RSR team implemented some 3D model and shader tweaks and updated a number of skins and templates.The modding team points out that the enhancements should not have a negative effect on the mod’s performance.

RSR Formula 3 v2.0 Changelog:


  • Tyres updated to tyre model v6
  • Tuning on the tyres due to the latest changes on the tyre load sensitivity introduced in AC v1.4
  • Tweaks on Medium tyres for the excessive graining
  • Added a parameter to configure the steering assist in the setup screens in the GENERIC tab. For Servo Wheels, or, in general, in the case of strange vibrations, the suggested value is 100. For normal wheels keep the default value (50).
  • We’ve decided to remove the fictional tyres (soft and hard), and to keep only tyre compound actually used in F3 Cup 2014 (medium tyres, based on AVON data). Tyre wear of the medium tuned according to Tristan Cliffe’s suggestions.


  • Small tweaks on the 3D
  • Tweaks on shaders and digital instruments
  • New skin template with a small modification on the side mirrors. Old custom skins needs to be updated (easy fix)
  • All skins included in the skin packs have been updated to the new template.
  • Added two new Toro Rosso skins
  • All skins, helmets in the official package are now 2k
  • 4k skin pack is provided as a separate packageNote: the car should have comparable performances from the previous versions. Tweaks have been verified once more with real life telemetry data, and the car has been brought back, with some improvements, to how it was before the enhancements introduced in AC v1.4.

You can download the mod and optional skin pack at the official RSR Website.


The RSR Formula 3 mod is based upon the F3 Cup UK wich is a British club racing series aimed towards amateur drivers and aspiring racers and uses older generation single seater Formula Three cars to keep costs low. More info at