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Assetto Corsa Shelby Cobra 427 Renders by RacingRenders

Assetto Corsa Shelby Cobra


Assetto Corsa Shelby Cobra 427 Renders by RacingRenders

F1Racer has been rendering the stock content featured in the Assetto Corsa Simulator. However, his latest renders are showcasing a model created by community members.

The extremely popular Shelby Cobra mod is scratch built by the_meco & Pankykapus. While this mod is still in progress, it can be said that the Shelby Cobra model already shows us the quality possible, when a model is build with passion and skill. When in need of a new desktop wallpaper, you can download 10 renders (1920×1080 pixels) at the RacingRenders website.

You can download the Shelby Cobra mod by the_meco & Pankykapus on the official Assetto Corsa modding forum.

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