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Assetto Corsa Spa Francorchamps Preview screens

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Spa Francorchamps Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa Spa Francorchamps model in progress

There is no stopping the Kunos Simulazioni development team. While the laserscanned Nurburgring Nordschleife is probably the biggest , and most wanted track to appear on the Assetto Corsa platform, the rest of the list is just as impressive. One of the other iconic tracks to appear is the legendary Belgian Spa Francorchamps. Its a venue situated smack in the middle of the Belgian Ardennes forests,that has an impressive history. Spa Francorchamps hosted its first F1 rand Prix in 1925. The original 14.9 circuit made up of public roads was notoriously dangerous.

The present version of the circuit is 7.004 km (4.352 mi) long and with its 20 turns and  high-speed straight’s the track is the favourite of many racing drivers and Motorsports fans all over the world. The circuit is the home of the Belgian Formula One Grand Prix, WEC 1000 km of Spa  and the famous Total 24 hours of Spa. The most notorious set of corners are without a doubt the sweeping Eau Rouge/Raidillon combination. This steeply uphill high speed corner section is what many drivers call the ultimate rush when racing on the track. The Kemmel straight is one of the longest full throttle sections in the Formula one championship.

Today’s previews show you a few of the very recognisable sections of the Assetto Corsa Spa Francorchamps circuit.  You can already see the progress on the Uniroyal tower, Endurance pit, F1 pit building, Cafeteria, La Source and Eau Rouge. After the iRacing version of this track, the Assetto Corsa model will be the second laser-scan accurate virtual version of Spa Francorchamps.

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