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Assetto Corsa Tested with the QuadStick Game Controller

Assetto Corsa Tested with the QuadStick Game Controller

Ever since a member of his family was victimized by Lou Gehrig’s disease, hardware and software developer Fred Davison, was looking for an opportunity to apply his skills towards engineering a gaming tool that would enable disabled people to experience the joy of gaming at a high level.

Back in 2014, a successful Kickstarter campaign launched the production of the fantastic QuadStick Game Controller.

While aimed at a variety of gaming styles, the QuadStick is also very suitable for Sim Racing. The included video demonstrates this showing us a test session with the QuadStick Game Controller driving the Assetto Corsa Nissan 370z Nismo at the Barcelona GP Circuit.

The QuadStick is a mouth-operated game controller for Quadriplegics. The QuadStick has a joystick, four sip & puff sensors, and a lip position sensor, connected to a 32-bit ARM processor that converts the sensor inputs into USB and Bluetooth signals for PC’s & Game consoles.

The QuadStick is directly compatible with the PS3, Android, and many PC games that use a joystick, mouse or keyboard. Through the use of a 3rd party USB adapter, XBox 360, XBox One, and PS4 consoles can be used, as well as PC games that require an XBox 360 controller. The QuadStick appears to the host device as a PS3 compatible Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard and Flash drive.

The connections between the input sensors and the signals sent to the host are configurable by the user and can be quickly changed between pre-configured profiles, while playing a game, to match different situations in the game. Specific configuration profiles can easily be created for games that require combinations or unique control inputs.

The QuadStick Game Controller is on sale for $399.00 and comes with a one year warranty and a thirty-day no-questions-asked return policy. (Quadstick Product Brochure)


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