Aussie Stig Checks Out the Imsim Talento Sim Pedals

Aussie Stig Checks Out the Imsim Talento Sim Pedals

Portuguese Sim Racing gear manufacturer ImSim is best known for its stunning ImSim Alma motion simulator. However, the company set out to not just limit their product lineup to motion chassis.

During the 2021 Sim Racing Expo in Germany, ImSim revealed an early prototype of their new Talento sim racing pedals. As usual, ImSim has spent a lot of time brainstorming how and what needs to be done to bring sim pedals to the next level.

At the expo, Bsimracing friend of the house, AussieStig had the opportunity to test the new Imsim sim racing pedals, and share his initial impressions.

ImSim started life as a daughter company of the Portuguese SIRMAF firm, who design and manufacture custom machinery, software, and robotics for the automotive industry.  After analyzing a wide variety of markets, SIRMAF decided that with their expertise and professionalism, it might be interesting to develop a motion simulator product that could be sold directly to the end-user.

The ImSim brand was born, and the new company started developing a 3DOF motion simulator that was not only very functional but also a feast for the eyes. In their own words, motion simulator aesthetics should reflect its purpose, and their initial design already proved that theory.

Over the years, InSim further developed the product and perfected both the functionality and aesthetics of the simulator. The product also received its official name and is now known as the ImSim Alma. That name was chosen wisely as it is the Portuguese word for soul and character.

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