AussieStig Esports – Win Some Customized IMB Racewear apparel

AussieStig Esports Customized IMB Racewear apparel

About a week ago, Bsimracing resident, AussieStig presented his review of the great looking sim racing apparel by the UK based IMB Racewear.

They can provide a range of high-quality racewear, made for maximum comfort. But there is more. IMB Racewear lets you create your own personal custom style, starting from either a pre-designed template or a blank canvas. You can create your own design adding colors, text, logos, flags, racing numbers, and more in any position or place.

Now AussieStig is pleased to announce that IMB Racewear, producers of custom sim racing – racing & team apparel are sponsoring a 6-week AussieStig esports series, starting February 11th on the Sim Racing System servers.

The AussieStig series winner will be awarded a pair of customised sim racing gloves and the winner of the SEAT CUPRA daily series, wins a pair of customized sim racing boots.

Circuit list:

Fixed setups

  • Round 1 = Zandvoort
  • Round 2 = Daytona Road Course
  • Round 3 = Silverstone GP
  • Round 4 = MoSport
  • Round 5 = Barcelona Moto 1 hour Race
  • Round 6 = Road Atlanta GP

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