Automobilista 2 – Hotfix Update v1.3.1.1 Deployed

Automobilista 2 - Hotfix Update v1.3.1.1 Deployed
AMS2 screenshot by Farcar

Reiza Studios has deployed Hotfix update V1.3.1.1 for Automobilista 2, adding some fixes and improvements to the latest release.

As this update roll-out ran a bit late, the free period for Racin´ USA Pt1 & Pt2 was extended, keeping them free to all AMS2 owners. From now on, both the Racin´ USA DLC’s are only available only for owners of the packages.

Check out the full changelog below for more details.

Credit: Featured AMS2 screenshot by Farcar.

Automobilista 2 is currently available via Steam for €36.99. The Automobilista 2 + 2020-2021 Season Pass Bundle is currently available for €114.28.

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Changelog V1.3.1.1


  • Added Real Weather historical data for Cleveland & Watkins Glen


  • Fixed instances where custom AI drivers would have the wrong nationailty
  • Fixed an issue where all AI would have incorrect nationality in session results screen
  • Fixed leaderboard not being enabled by default in cockpit view
  • Added tyre wear and temp info to damage widget (this can be disabled by selecting the minimal version
  • Equalised opacity across all tach/damage modes.
  • Corrected engine layout UI info for Camaro GT4R & Copa Classic FL Fusca

Physics & AI:

  • F-USA: Adjusted tire tread for both compounds; adjusted default gear ratios & added extra final drive options; increased aero drop-off with yaw, switched off downishft autoblip; adjusted pit stop rules & timing
  • Made AI vehicles uncollidable earlier on pit entry


  • Cleveland: Enabled standing starts & moved rolling start position 300m back
  • Watkins Glen: Enabled standing starts & moved rolling start position 300m back; Added watchtowers; start gantry, warning light poles, worn maps mapping for tirewalls/tecpro barriers, garages scoretowers, more buildings and gantry structures, tweaked startlight gantry, added startlight; Reworked T1 curbs to minimise issues with AI; Adjusted track limits to not allow running wide into escape roads