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Automobilista 2 – Major Update & 1997 Mclaren MP4/12 Releasing Today

Automobilista 2 - Major Update & 1997 Mclaren MP4/12 Releasing Today

Mclaren MP4/12

Automobilista 2 – Major Update & 1997 Mclaren MP4/12 Releasing Today

Later today, Reiza Studios will release another major update for Automobilista 2 which will include substantial improvements to the AI, championship mode, ForceFeedBack, Physics, and the Multiplayer mode.

But there is more exciting news. The update will introduce a new officially licensed classic Grand Prix car. The 1997 Mclaren MP4/12 will be joining the Automobilista 2 open wheeler category. Even better so, it will be added free of charge.


McLaren MP4_12


1997 Mclaren MP4/12

The McLaren MP4/12 competed in the 1997 Formula One World Championship with Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard behind the wheel. The Mercedes-Benz FO110F V10 engine powered car was a more streamlined and refined evolution of its predecessor (MP4/11).

In 1997, the McLaren team had to say goodbye to the iconic red and white (Marlboro) colors that defined the car’s look since 1974. The McLaren MP4/12 represented its new sponsorship deal with the German West Tobacco Brand, wearing a new silver livery, that later on became just as recognizable as the Marlboro design.

By the end of the 1997 Formula One World Championship, the MP4/12 managed to win three races. One by Mika Häkkinen and two by David Coulthard. The Mclaren team ended 4th in the constructor’s championship.

The MP4/12 had a design feature that did raise some controversy. McLaren had installed a second brake pedal, selectable by the driver to act on one of the rear wheels. This allowed the driver to eliminate understeer and reduce wheelspin when exiting slow corners. After an official complaint was filed by Ferrari, the FIA banned the system the following season.

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