Automobilista 2 – Update V1.3.5.2 Deployed

Automobilista 2 - Update V1.3.5.2 Deployed
Automobilista 2 - Stockcar Pro Series

Reiza Studios released update V1.3.5.2 for its Automobilista 2 racing simulator.

Alongside some fixes and improvements to various aspects of the game, this relatively small update brings the Galeao track up to date with the latest rear-world references.

Check out the full changelog below for all the details.

Automobilista 2 is currently available via Steam for €36,99. The Automobilista 2 + 2020-2021 Season Pass Bundle is currently available for €114,28€.

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Changelog V1.3.5.2


  • Added a 1s delay before ERS ‘auto’ mode is considered settled enough to be used as the new base mode for cycling mode (an overshoot into ‘auto’ now means navigation up the stack will select ‘off’ if done within 1s)
  • Added ERS deployment mode and clutch state information to shared memory


  • Added ERS Auto mode indication to HUD
  • Fixed ICM issue that only allowed selection of the first two pit strategies


  • F-Retro G3 TE: revised cockpit engine & turbo; assigned proper interior AI sound


  • Galeao: Revised track according to actual event references, adjusted track elevations between T1 and T2, replaced the start light gantry to match the one used in the actual event, update static concrete barriers, walls, and dynamic cones; adjusted AI collision corridors at the chicane


  • Uno (all cars): Added dirt map; Adjusted driver animation fingers position; Added vibrating bits on the cockpit; Adjusted the shift gaiter rigging
  • Corvette C3 – Livery override folder added
  • McLaren MP4/1C: Fixed tire side texture rotation issue
  • Metalmoro MRX P2: Added 1 new livery